Google SEO ToolsToday it’s hard to imagine the Internet space without Google. Thanks to it, users can find almost any information with little effort. The most important thing is to formulate your request properly.

In addition to the usual search Google offers its users several services that can be useful for different purposes. Currently more than 70 services are available. Most of these services are web-based applications for which you need only a browser. Some services require you to install various plugins to ensure correct operation. All the Google tools are free. User-friendly interface of these tools is understandable even for the beginner. Most of the tools are oriented to Google webmasters, marketers and developers who want to promote their sites or products. Google tools will make the promotion process much easier and faster, which in turn will make a profit in a shorter period of time. Although these applications have free access developers tried to make their functional as effective as possible.

1. Google Analytics

This web service can be considered as one of the greatest Google tools. In Google Analytics you will find daily statistics of your site visits. This service allows you to know where your site receives the greatest traffic, which pages are more popular with visitors.

2. Google AdSense

Google allows its users to make money online using the web service Google AdSense. After placing a special code on your site pages Google will put ads there which logically correspond to the content of the site or specific pages.

3. Google AdWords

This service provides the ability to create effective advertising messages. Google AdWords is among the five best products of Google and it is one of the sources of income for many companies.

4. Google Ad Planner

This tool provides valuable information to a webmaster about his own websites, sites of competitors, traffic volumes, visitor’s preferences and other kind of information.

5. Google Website Optimizer

This tool allows you to optimize your website. With Website Optimizer you can identify which content on the site is the most interesting for the visitors.

6. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can provide information on how the search engine sees your site or some of its web pages. This tool provides important information using which a developer can improve ranking and website traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

7. Google Toolbar

Tool Google Toolbar is built-in into your browser, after installation you can find information about the value of web pages. This tool will be useful for SEO-optimizers or website owners.

8. Google Related Links

A useful tool for SEO optimization allows keeping visitors on the site, reducing the number of failures and thus increasing page views.

9. Google Trends

Google Trends provides information on how often keywords or phrases are requested in Google, as well as how popular these or other topics are in different geographical regions.

10. Google Search-based Keyword Tool

This service will be useful for SEO optimizers to search and generate keywords based on the most popular search requests.

11. Google+

Google has created a new social network for its users. In this network you can chat with your friends, share links and photographs. Google+ makes it possible to communicate not only in usual chat, but also in video chat, that is a significant difference from other social networks. Google+  working for business.

12. Google Blogger

Today almost every company has its own blog that helps to attract more visitors and enhance the overall profits.

13. Google Checkout

Checkout service is an analog of the payment system, which can be used to implement a web purchase. This service charges a fee for use as opposed to others.

14. Google Froogle

If you need to find a description of a product, Google Froogle tool will help you. This service is most valuable for marketers to set prices.

15. Google Places

Web application Google Places allows you to attract Google users. This service provides the most comprehensive information on companies including description, photos and a link to the website. By using this service information about your company can often appear in search results, accordingly increasing the number of views.

16. Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist allows you to find the most popular search requests. In addition Zeitgeist can become a generator of ideas for creation of new content.

17. Google Custom Search

Create an individual search engine for your website based on Google technology. Specifying one or several Web sites, add the application to your site along with the search box and search results. You can also change the application interface.

In this way these services are most useful for webmasters and for site owners. These web applications will simplify your work and save time and money by making your business more successful and productive on the Internet.