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Is Twitter a Stethoscope or Megaphone??

I just don’t get Twitter!!! This is the catch cry I constantly hear from business owners almost every time I speak to them about social media interaction and marketing. And you know what?? This lack of understanding of how to use Twitter effectively doesn't really...

Live from Blog World Expo 2010: Making Money from Your Blog

This post are my notes from the live session at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas.  Please forgive me if I misspell anything or if some of the notes don't make sense, as I am trying to gather as much information from each speaker as I can. Quick Facts on the Session Topic:...

Part I: The Ultimate Guide to Meta Description

You’ve just taken over a client from an unscrupulous agency; title tags are stuffed with keywords, there’s a dodgy backlink history and the meta keywords are used on every page. Worst of all, your just not getting the traffic you’re expecting from the rankings you’re...

Get Your StayOnSearch Contributor Badge

As StayOnSearch continues to grow rapidly, I wanted to give you guys a way to show off your guest post contributions.  For anyone who has contributed at least one guest post to StayOnSearch, will be allowed to post one of our SOS Contributor badges on your website or...

The 3 Tier Keyword Structure

So are you optimizing your pages the right way??? Brad Fallon, a leading search marketer, discussed a great way to structure your keywords/phrases on your website. He broke it up into 3 tiers. I will use the example he uses on his Stompernet video. Brad owns an...

30% Off: Download the Link Builders Toolkit

Today is the official launch of the Link Builders Toolkit.  The Link Builders Toolkit is THE ultimate resource for finding quality websites to gain inbound links.  Over the years I have been collecting websites that I found to be of high value and worth investing time...

How To Craft the Perfect Meta Tags

I know it may seem very basic when creating Title and Meta tags for your website, but it can be a much more involved process if you are looking to go from good to great.  Many clients are under the impression that as long as they have their keywords in the title and...

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Old School Marketing Already?

When you think of old school marketing, you think of print, television, billboards, and radio....but pay-per-click?  Now pay-per-click is not necessarily old school marketing in the sense that you are shouting your message out to everyone and anyone that will listen...

SOS Weekly Recap in Search 11/16/09

Search Engine Land:  21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries Hubspot: Twitter's New Retweet Feature Makes Quality, Unique Content Even More Important for Marketers Mashable: STUDY: Most Fortune 100 Companies Don't Get Twitter Matt Cutts: State of the...

Merry Christmas from StayOnSearch

We would like to wish everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas! I also would like to personally thank all of our readers, commentors, guest bloggers and advertisers for all of your support throughout 2010. I want to also thank Kristi Hines for her regular...

Blog Post SEO: How to Search Engine Optimize Content

The opening keynote at Blog World Expo was Scott Stratten of UnMarketing, who wanted to convey the fact that "people spread awesome" in terms of content, and that there are five things that "stop the spread." Number three in this list was Google SEO, and for good...

Why Use Landing Pages?

Why use a landing page platform? One of the key reasons is templates offer the ability to quickly scale up landing page campaigns with no need for web development resources or any advance knowledge of CSS or HTML. One of the best platforms on the market that I have...

What is the Google+ Project? A Look Inside…

By now, almost everyone has heard about the new and exciting release of the Google+ Project, the latest product from Google.  I myself have only been using it for a few weeks, so I am still trying to get use to it and test out all of the features it has.  This is the...

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