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Link Builders Don't Share Secrets

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Summaries of the pros and cons of various types of content creation.

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How to Get the Most out of Guest Blogging for Link Building

Ever since Google came along and Panda-spanked article websites into oblivion, guest blogging has been the preferred choice for the internet marketer who is looking to squeeze a little more link juice from their articles. Guest blogging can be an effective way of...

Making the Most Out of Your YouTube Channel

I wanted to thank everyone who submitted their feedback on other "Making the Most Out of..." posts we should write about.  Using your suggestions, I got a number of people requesting a post on how to better utilize your YouTube channel, so that's next. Given the fact...

Arkayne, WP Related Posts Plugin on Steroids

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but i added a new Wordpress plugin to the blog that will pull in related and recommended posts at the bottom of each blog post.  This new plugin is brought to you by Arkayne, an awesome new product that will help you optimize and...

Are People More Likely to Comment on a Video Post?

You can't deny it, more and more bloggers are utilizing video content on their blogs.  It is becoming much easier to quickly shoot a video and upload it to YouTube, then embed the video into your site. Lets just take a look at Gideon Shalwick's blog, who is an...

InBundles: The Newest Place For Daily Deals

By now, probably everyone has heard of Groupon and LivingSocial, and now a new service called InBundles joins the party for offering daily deals and specials specific to a certain city. Currently, InBundles caters to only people who are looking for discounts on local...

Interview with Ghost Bloggers Creator, Davy Kestens

Recently I connected with Davy Kestens, an Internet Entrepreneur who recently created a brand new service called Ghost Bloggers.  Ghost Bloggers is essentially a marketplace where content publishers and content buyers can do business.  This allows bloggers to create...

How to Increase How Often Google Crawls Your Website

This is a guest post by Ben Hook, a search marketer and owner of Navaro, a UK based SEO company helping clients to increase their online visibility. When optimising a site most likely you'll have to be making some on site changes if the site hasn’t previously been...

Blog Post SEO: How to Search Engine Optimize Content

The opening keynote at Blog World Expo was Scott Stratten of UnMarketing, who wanted to convey the fact that "people spread awesome" in terms of content, and that there are five things that "stop the spread." Number three in this list was Google SEO, and for good...

How To Stay Positive and Optimistic

I would first like to just preface that post by saying that it will NOT discuss anything related to Internet Marketing, so I am sorry in advance to the readers who usually enjoy the tips and strategies we typically discuss.  However I will say that this post will...

Identifying Duplicate Content and How To Deal With It

Duplicate content and plagiarism can be an easy way for a website to get penalized by the search engines or possibly banned.  The search engines have gotten much better at being able to check for duplicate content.  If you are interested, here is what Google has to...

Building Online Relationships: How Do We Do It?

One of the most important success factors for your blog is going to be how you go about building relationships.  Getting people to check in with you regularly is crucial if your blog is going to thrive and flourish.  It can seem daunting when you first consider how to...

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