headacheAs a blogger you know you cannot afford to have sick days. You have to keep up with your blog at all times or your audience will scatter like leaves in the wind. However there are times where you are just under the weather and can’t seem to keep it all together. What do you do then? Well, here are some ideas that I hope will help you out:

Be prepared – The first thing you should always do is have extra posts on hand. Being prepared is the Boy Scout motto for a reason. If you are prepared to miss a day or two before hand you will have a much easier time of it when a sick day actually comes. You should have a post or two on the back burner that you can put up if something should happen. These posts should be ones that are perennial and do not ‘expire’. That way you can use them whenever you need to take a break. You can write a post like this in just a few minutes on a good day and have it all ready and set up to go on a bad one.

Be ahead – Another good idea is to set your posting schedule behind what you actually write. Always be a day or two behind your writing. Meaning you have a post or two already written before you ever get to posting them. That way even if you do take a day off your posts will still be up like normal and you can get caught back up when you come back. This is also a great way to post in case an emergency might happen or if your computer should go off line for some reason.

Guest posts – If you have made good relationships with other bloggers you can ask for a guest post for your blog. These guest posts help you by providing content that you do not have to write and the other bloggers get a link on your site and access to your audience. It is a win-win for both of you. It is also a great way to get over the fact that you do not feel well enough to write your own post and can tide you over until you are back on your feet.

Images – Images or pictures are another great way to blog without actually having to write much. If you can find a great picture you can just post it with a caption and get on with your illness, no blogging required. Readers love pictures and a picture blog post can be a quick and easy way to keep your blog alive even when you feel half dead. You can find free pictures that can be used on your site at places like freedigitalphotos.com. They have professional stock photos and more on site like that which are free and easy to download and use.

Multimedia – Another branch off that is multimedia. Things like videos, music or infographics make for great blog posts. Not only are they easy and free to find and post, but they offer your readers a new way of looking at your blog. It can be something fun or informative it is up to you, but this is a great way to get content on your blog without actually having to write a bunch.

Lists – Another way to keep your blog up without having to write a lot is a list post. A list can be very simple and expanded on easily later. All you have to do is write down your notes, essentially, and then promise to expound on each of the points when you feel better. Or you can let your readers expound on the points in the comments section and that way you will not have to write at all practically.

Links – Another easy way to blog when you are sick is linking to something someone else has written. I know it is a bit cheating, really, but it works. All you have to do is take a section of their writing as an example and then link over to their blog or web site. That way you get to make a blog post but they get to do all the work. Besides, they will appreciate the link and the extra audience boost. Just do not copy and paste their whole work or it looks like plagiarism. Which is not something you want to get caught doing, sick or not!

Edit later – One thing I have discovered about blogging when I am sick is that I make a lot of mistakes. My spelling is awful, my grammar is worse and I forget whole sentences. That is just the price you have to pay. Do not sweat the small stuff, especially when you are sick. Instead just get it up there and wait to edit it when you feel better. Oh, sure run it through spell check first, but do not make yourself sick and frustrated trying to make it perfect. It just will not happen.

Write about being sick – One of the hardest things about blogging when you are sick is coming up with ideas. Take me for example I am trying to write this even as I hunch over my computer coughing and wheezing to beat the band. So why not chose a topic that is near and dear to your heart at the moment. Write about being sick. How you are keeping up, how you are doing and how you are going to get better. Readers love the personal touch it gives to your blog and you get to whine and complain to someone besides your friends and family. Whoopee!

Make it short – Last but not least remember that blog posts do not have to go on forever. A short blog post is just as good as a long one and is sometimes even better. If you can keep your post between 500 to 2000 words you will be better off. Not only is it easier for you to type but it is easier for your readers to skim over. No one wants to read pages and pages of your rambling, even your funny sick rambling, so do not make them. Instead keep it short, sweet and to the point. Your doctor and your readers will thank you.

These are just a few ways I have come up with to keep blogging even when I do not feel up to it. Remember that it is okay to take some time off if you can and get better, but if you can’t hopefully this list will help you out. Remember to drink lots of clear fluids, take your vitamins, and follow the doctor’s orders. Get well soon and happy blogging!