The way you write the subject line of your email can make or break the chances of your email marketing success. Though the subject line is an accumulation of a few characters, it makes the biggest impact on the subscriber. If you want to have a successful email marketing campaign, you should devote adequate time to writing a subject line which can entice the user to open an email message immediately.

Here are six key tips that you can use to write actionable subject lines and achieve success with your email marketing campaign.

#1. Add a Personal Touch
In order to boost the open rate, you should pay careful attention to personalizing the email message. There are various ways to add a personal touch to the subject line. A great idea is to include the first name of the subscriber in the subject line. Likewise, you can include other essential details of the subscriber for a higher level of personalization.

#2. Set a Deadline
One of the most important tips to write effective subject lines is to set a deadline in it. You can tell your subscribers that it’s an offer valid for a limited period. As the deadline approaches near, you can send your subscribers email messages informing about the same in the subject line. It’s a great tactic to increase the open rate of emails.

#3. Clarify the Purpose
While writing the subject line of emails, you should remember to clarify the goals that reading the message will fulfill. Whether it’s a message about saving money or making a positive impact on the subscribers’ lives, the subject line should make it quite obvious.

#4. Make it Relevant
What is contained in the subject line should be well in tune with what’s inside the email. Relevancy is key for writing a subject line which immediately compels the subscriber to open the email message. If you are able to create trust with your subject line, you’ll continue to maintain a higher open rate for your emails.

#5. Be Succinct
Short is always sexy when it comes to writing effective subject lines. Review your subject line over and over again to make sure it doesn’t contain any unnecessary words. Don’t ever try to exaggerate by using flowery language in the subject lines. Always write subject lines which are short and to-the-point.

#6. Perform A/B Testing
It is best practice to continuously test the subject lines of your email messages. Every time you write a different subject line, don’t forget to test it. A/B testing different types of subject lines will help you know what makes the most impact on subscribers.

In order to improve the open rate of your emails, you should be ready to pay some serious attention towards writing the subject lines. Even when the inside content is great, a poor subject line can throw water on your marketing efforts. Devoting a little time to writing the subject lines can highly improve the success rate of your email marketing campaign.

Do you have more tips in mind? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.