A higher percentage of people go online just for sake of checking their emails. And there’s no doubt that email marketing can prove to be an extremely powerful tool for reaching out to new customers. However, the success of an email marketing campaign depends on the response rate (which includes the open and click-through rate). That’s why, it’s vital to review your email campaign and optimize your messages for better performance.

If you are struggling to increase the response rate of your emails, given below are five quick ways that you can use.

#1. Dig Out Subscriber Information for Personalization

The quickest way to improve the open rate and click-through rate of emails is to personalize the messages that you send. First and foremost, you need to include the first name of the recipient in the email message. Another good idea to personalize a message is to use the IP address for adding location.

Likewise, you can dig out further essential information about subscribers and include them in the emails that you send. The more personalized your message is, the better response rate you will have.

#2. ‘Do Not Reply’ Language is a Complete No-No

You must have received plenty of emails with the do-not-reply language, which means you won’t be able to respond back. Such languages can have a huge negative impact on your email marketing campaign. Using such language doesn’t only negatively impact new subscribers, but it also has a bad effect on your existing subscribers.

Give subscribers an option for replying to the emails that you send them. This makes them comfortable, promotes interaction and quickly increases the response rate of your marketing messages.

#3. Use the ‘Secret Discount’ Tactic

Most of the people like to purchase products at a discounted price. So, you should send email messages informing your subscribers of the discounts available on your products or services. But the tactic that you need to use here is to prevent yourself from disclosing the discount percentage that recipients can avail of.

When the actual percentage of discount is not readily available to email subscribers, they will be curious to know the same. This, in turn, will result in a higher response rate of emails.

#4. Include Customer Care Information

Do your emails contain customer care information? You should make sure that the messages you send have information for getting in touch with the customer care department. An email and telephone number must be available to your subscribers inside the message. Or else, you can include a link to the customer care information page inside the email.

#5. Track Replies Carefully

To achieve success with your email marketing, you also need to keep a close watch on the responses to your automated email messages. Not checking replies to automated messages is the biggest mistake that marketers can make. Tracking replies is one of the most important campaign responsibilities that you need to handle.

Carefully instruct the customer care group to redirect the responses to the concerned department. Appropriate action on these replies must be taken in time to improve the campaign performance.

If you really want to get the maximum out of your email marketing campaign, you should start evaluating the messages and customize them according to specific requirements. Unless you are ready to devote the time that email optimization requires, you can never increase the response rate of your emails. So, start taking action right away!