Have you ever heard of Conversion Rate Optimization?  I hope most of you are already aware of it but for those who don’t. Here is its simple definition –

Conversion rate optimization is a process intended to increase the percentage of visitors who are converting in to customers by enhancing the website’s capability to pursue its visitors.

Few years back, nobody used to pay any attention to Conversion rate optimization. Getting large amounts of traffic to the website was the only aim of almost all online marketers.  Companies used to spend huge chunk of their marketing budget in PPC and SEO which signifies that no money was being spent on improving the conversion rate of the website.  But now people have started paying attention to this.

Ask any experienced online marketer, they would suggest you to optimize the conversion rate of the website these days.  Some of them are even saying that “2010 is year of conversion rate optimization”.   Why?  Here are the reasons which have already made conversion rate optimization a top priority of big online marketers and why you should start paying attention to it.

You Can’t Afford Expensive PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are getting more competitive each day and increasing the bid of keywords every time to display your ads is not a feasible solution.  Hence it is very important to make your website more persuasive so that more visitors can convert in to customers and you can achieve positive ROI (Return on investment) from your PPC campaigns.

More Happy Customers

Conversion rate optimization will make your website more user-friendly which means that your customers would prefer to deal with you as compared to your competitors.  There will be more chances to turn customers into loyal customers so that you can now reap benefits for a longer period of time.

Low Customer Acquisition Cost

High conversion rate will reduce your overall customer acquisition cost.  The money which you will spend on marketing won’t be considered as additional unwanted business expenses anymore.  That money would be treated as investment.

Get More By Paying Less

As we all know that Google Adwords gives lot of importance to the quality of landing pages in its “Quality Score” algorithm which determine the minimum bid for your keywords.  Your Adwords account will be having high quality score for your keywords which will lower its CPC.  So now you have to pay less for the same amount of traffic you were getting earlier or we can say that now you can get much more traffic which will get you more customers by spending the same amount of money.

About the Author

Roger Malequin is a freelance writer and mainly writes about landing pages, web 2.0 , SEO and conversion rate optimization.