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Posted by Paul@BlogGlue - May 23, 2011 - SEO, Tools - 1 Comment
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BlogGlue is a blog marketing plugin that creates related links between partner blogs as well as on social media. Although not advertised they have a solid SEO Analyzer built into the system. The SEO tool lets you grade your posts before you publish them and even gives real time tips on how to improve your score.

The SEO criteria used by BlogGlue is built on a series of rules that all play together to create some fuzzy logic.  The idea is that certain elements are more important than others and you can get some of them kind of right.  Over time anyone using the system should get inherently better at scoring higher.  BlogGlue will have to update the SEO analyzer as the web matures.

For the three sections they use criteria of length for search engines and users.  Google, Bing, Yahoo have display limits, fitting the post title or description into that length improves odds of conveying subject to visitors, improves odds of click.  Also makes search engines like you.

From a people perspective they enforce overlap of keywords to ensure the title description and content are all on topic.  Again better performance when a user sees a good title and description, the reads an on topic article, then has higher odds of returning.

The rough numbers below, again fuzzy logic here but fairly ballpark…




  • Character length 20 – 65 characters, very important.
  • Word length is 2 – 20, very important.
  • Overlap more than roughly 1 in 2 words in title with description.
  • Overlap more than roughly 1 in 2 words in title with document body.



  • Character length of 80 – 155 characters, fairly important!
  • Word length of 5 – 30, fairly important.
  • Overlap more than roughly 1 in 2 words in description with document body.



  • Word count is between 50 and 1,000 words.  This is adjustable on the back end, just let us know what the proper length needs to be.  This has to do with readers ability to read X number of words per minute and average time on site.  Readers who finish an article feel better and are more likely to return.

Thats pretty much the criteria,  they are all weighted a bit differently depending on whats broken.  Overall the title and description are most important since they represent offsite pre visit elements.  Lengths are more important than overlaps.

The goal is to always score an A+, there is no excuse for not doing so consistently.  An A is reasonable but once you dip down below a B the article will probably easily miss opportunities to rank higher. The SEO Analyzer tool is available within any BlogGlue plan.

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