According to a recent Pew Internet study performed in the first quarter of 2012, nearly half of all adult cell phone owners have smartphones.  This is an 11% increase over the same period in the previous year.  This means that consumers everywhere are joining the ranks of this technology and are able to communicate faster and with more power.  If you are not yet using cell phones as a way to communicate with your customers your company may not be on track with the current trends.  The next generation of consumers are even more saavy in their use of cell phones to connect, communicate, and obtain information.  They are some of the most prolific users of phones and communication.

Companies are scrambling to have applications developed that will establish a presence on the smartphones and tablets that are being used by consumers and businesses.  The most basic of communication uses is text messaging with other more technically rich messages being sent using audio and video.

Text messages are being sent on company news , information about sales and information about breaking news. Specials, offers and deals are being transmitted all over the country.  Cell phones are revolutionizing the way we communicate and gather and hear information from companies.

88% of Americans are cell phone users. The average number of text per month of the average user is reaching approximately 200 per month and 2500 per year. 31% of text message users prefer texting to voice calls, and young adults stand out in their use of text messaging.

Those numbers can be staggering but to a business looking to communicate with that 88% or with those wanting to text rather than speak needs to have a marketing plan in place and a communication plan that implements cellphones and especially text messaging to those phones.  There are a number of marketing ideas that can be implemented using links and other information sent to phones and as we become more of a social media world using technology, many other applications are coming into the business to business and the business to consumer communities. Find a way to communicate and involve yourself in those communities.  This is the trend in business.