When somebody else decides to start something revolutionary, or at least nifty (let’s use this word) most people either don’t hear about it or it can’t be used properly due to small circle of people using the service.

On the other hand, when Facebook releases something that already exists but with a twist, this is on a good road to become a mainstream. The same thing is with Facebook Video Chat. Hey, we have been using Video Chat for a decade already, right? Yes, but not with a 750 million users base.

Jump on a Train to Facebook Chat

If you are one of those people still boycotting Facebook, here is the good excuse to start using it. Facebook chat is helpful, easy to use and everyone you know is probably using it already. This way you will stay connected with your friends (real or virtual ones) family and business partners with an ease.

Let’s cover the steps which will lead you through installation and usage.

  • Once you open the Facebook page (any page) go with your mouse to the bottom right side of your screen. There you have a chat box, the one that you usually use for chatting with your friends.
  • Click on the chat box and you will see who is online and available for chit-chat.
  • Once you decide on whom you are going to talk to, just hover your mouse over the name and press the camera icon just above the contact names (on the blue field). If you haven’t installed Facebook Videocalling app (as recommended in first step) do not worry, because Facebook will ask you if you want to set up video calling. Once you finish with this, you can continue with the call.
  • Once you placed a call the person on the other side will receive image and sound signals. Image is a small window where the called person can see the picture and a name of the caller. Also, there will be two buttons- one to decline (Ignore) and one to accept the video call. Sound signal (ringing tone) is characteristic and unique so there will be no way to mix it with some other sound.
  • Once you’re connected with the caller you will see two videos on your screen. The smaller window in upper right corner is your image and the big one is from the person you’re talking to. The quality of the video depends on the internet speed and the quality of the camera. So, if you notice that the image is blurry it means that you either have to change your camera or internet provider. Mostly the cameras are to blame in case of bad image quality.
  • A person that receives the call will have a black icon (minimize- close) and instruction saying that you should close the window if you want.
  • If you are calling a person and the caller seems to be away or not willing to answer your call you can take a video of yourself and send it over for later. This is done by recording yourself with a camera and while talking in the microphone. This means that you’re sending a video message, not a text message. Once you finish recording just press “send” and that’s it.

As you can see using Facebook Video calling option is easy and it takes a few minutes to connect all the strings. One thing that we are eagerly waiting for is multiple video chatting (video conferencing) which is available with Google+ Hangouts. On the other side, the one thing that Google is lacking is the number of people using it.