Content promotion is getting to be as important as creating the actual content.  I think what people are starting to realize is that just creating great content will only take you so far.  This is one of the reasons Social Media and SEO are blending together.  You need both to truly see the full value of your content’s potential.

Let’s examine what are the pieces of the content promotion puzzle.

Subject Matter Experts

SME’s are going to be the foundation for your content promotion.  Without experts creating the content that you are going to promote, it will never earn the right to be spread socially.  Having someone do some research on a topic and whip up a 350 word article is easy, anyone can do that.  But to get someone who has the knowledge and real life experience is another story.  Being able to think outside the box and add REAL value requires both the know-how and experience.

Social Networking Professionals

So once you have created the content and posted it on your blog, you need to promote it.  Usually SMEs are not necessarily the biggest social networkers, so having someone who keeps up with the social world on a daily basis may be a better choice for promoting the content.  Ideally it would be nice to have the blogger who actually wrote the content, promote it, but that is not always the case.

PR Contacts

Having good public relation contacts can be a big plus when trying to get other news sources to pick up your story.  Many of the popular news outlets have tremendous reach and can deliver some great traffic to your site.  Developing relationships with local news sites, industry organizations, trade journals, and key bloggers can stir up buzz about your content very quickly.

Social Bookmarkers

Social bookmarking your own content, can sometimes be seen as negative especially if you are out for just self-promotion.  Finding a few people who do this for a living and promote a wider variety of content can be more beneficial.  These people are usually more established in places like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg, and can drive more people to your site if they are the ones promoting your content.

Your Readers!

Probably your most important and loyal promoters are your current readers.  Reaching out to your fans and asking them to ReTweet, Share and Promote your content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your content.