If you haven’t heard of WebSEOAnalytics, you need to check out their Toolset.  They have developed quite a robust set of SEO tools that rival some of the premium tools that you pay hundreds of dollars a month to use.  Overall, they have 14 tools that diagnose and analyze a variety of different

Brief Overview of All 14 Tools

Web SEO Analysis

The Web SEO Analysis tool is their main tool that will analyze a website, looking at all of the core factors that go into how a search engine ranks a website.  It analyzes Domain Age, Inbound Links, Pages Indexed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Whois Information, Robots.txt File, Alexa/Compete Data, Social Bookmarks and Social Mentions, HTML Validation, and Meta Tag Analysis.

Keyword Battle

This is your standard keyword tool, that will allow you to enter any set of keywords you would like, along with as many URLs as you would like, and the tool will check Google, Yahoo, and Bing to see where each of the websites rank for your given keywords.

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis tool does just that.  It will analyze all of your links including external vs internal, follow vs nofollow, type of backlinks (image/video/text), and shows anchor text for all links.

Link Structure

Link structure is a nice tool for cleaning up your website by fixing any broken links you have, optimizing your PageRank flow internally and get your internal pages rankings higher.

Keyword Analyzer

The keyword analyzer tool will analyze the keywords on your website and identify the keywords that are most important to your domain.  This tool breaks down 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 keyword phrases and shows keyword occurrences and density.

HTML Validation

Similar to doing a scan using one of the W3C tools out there, their HTML Validation tool will scour your website looking for errors in your backend code.  Easily identify bad markup language and fix it so that your code is clean.

PageRank Check

A fairly basic tool, but definitely one that comes in handy.  This tool will check the Google PageRank of the URLs you enter.

Multi DC PageRank

Now this is a unique PageRank tool, that i have never seen before.  It will check your website PageRank against multiple data centers.  Sometimes PageRank can be a little slow to update, so being able to check across multiple data centers will help you get a better gauge of your true pagerank.

Reputation Tracker

This tool is not what you would typically think, when it comes to a reputation management tracker.  Instead of tracking keyword mentions, it will track the number of tweets, facebook updates, and Google blog search mentions for your domain.  It will also look for social bookmarks on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Duplicate Content

The duplicate content tool will check the content on the two URLs you provide and tell you what percentage of content is duplicate.  This can be a way to an easy way to check and see if one of your competitors is using any of your site’s content.

Indexed Pages

Probably my favorite tool of the bunch is the indexed pages tool.  This tool will crawl your entire site and tell you which pages are or aren’t indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The reason I love this tool is to identify they reason why key pages are generating lots of traffic in one search engine, but not the other.  Maybe submitting an updated sitemap, driving additional links to those pages, or submit those pages to the search engine that is not indexing it, will help in getting ALL of your pages indexed.

Link Popularity

Want to know who is linking to your site?  Use the link popularity tool to get a full list of websites who are linking to your content.  With the ability to export to csv, it is one of the better backlink tools I have used.

Site Submitter

I am not a firm believer in submitting your website or blog to the search engines, but if you are…this is the tool for you.  This tool will submit your website to over 30 search engines with the click of a button.

Domain Info

If you are looking for an overview of a domain, this tool will give you the whois information, PageRank, Domain Age, and some other high-level information.

Going Pro

All of these tools are free to try and use, however they all come with some limitations.  If you want to be able to have full access to all of the tools and functionality, then you should become a pro member.  Considering the amount of value you receive with each of these tools, a modest $29 a month is an easy decision to buy.

Comparison Chart – Go Pro

API Access

WebSEOAnalytics as opened up their API to allow you to use their toolset on any software, web service or website.  In order to use the Free SEO tools you have to be a Pro user, but you will have full capability and reporting that you get with the normal toolset.

For developers, they provide technical information and documentation on how to integrate the Toolset into your site or web service.  Definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to create a web service that pulls in any data that their toolset provides.