There is nothing worse then having an outstanding idea for a product, but not being able to take action on creating it, because you don’t have the technical ability or the money to pay someone to create a website where you can collect leads and promote your product.  Well now there is a cost effective solution that will allow the average web user to create a website that is well designed and highly functional.

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is simply a WordPress theme that acts as a platform to easily add pages on your blog that are designed to convert users into leads or buyers.  The best part is that you will need no design or programming skills required to create amazingly designed landing and squeeze pages on your blog.

What Can you Create with OptimizePress?

Currently I am working on a new WordPress plugin that I will hopefully be launching at the beginning of 2011.  So I thought, what better opportunity to see what OptimizePress could do for me and setting up my website for the plugin. Using OptimizePress, I am creating a pre-launch squeeze page, product sales page with video, and affiliate area.  The website is still in its early stages, but I can tell you first hand that this product is extremely easy to use and comes LOADED with features. There isn’t anything that I wanted to include on my website, that it couldn’t handle. Within 30 minutes I had the initial layout of my pre-launch squeeze page, sales page and affiliate area all setup.

So what type of page are you looking to create?

Create Pre-launch Pages

Are you looking to create a new product?  OptimizePress provides the tools to be able to easily create a pre-launch page that will allow you to increase your Opt-Ins so you can keep them up-to-date on your actual product launch.  Choose from one of the many layouts and optional features to dress up your page and give it a unique feel.  Integrate your email marketing code into the form it provides and have a your leads go directly into your email management system.

Create Product Sales Pages

The sales page layouts allow you to create a customized header so that you can incorporate your logo and color scheme.  You also have predefined headline area that you can choose to activate or not.  Each video sales page gives you the option of adding a video into one of your 4 different sales pages to choose from. Each sales page template allows you to add things like testimonials, call to action graphics, and pre-designed bullets/numbered lists to highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Membership Sites

Are you looking to create a premium members area on your blog; OptimizePress can handle that.  OptimizePress integrates nicely with Wishlist, a popular membership WP plugin for managing your members area. This feature allows you to publish content that only your premium (paying) members are allowed access to.  This can be used for users who purchase an e-course, access to a private forum, video training series, or whatever you would like to limit only specific members to have access to.

OptimizePress also integrates with Nanacast, a popular business automation platform.  This will help you control checkout processes, affiliate memberships, digital file delivery, upsells/cross-sales and much more.

Loads of Features

Customized Headers Template

OptimizePress comes with a number of header templates that you can use and insert your logo to.  You can also have the option of adding a customized header if you had one designed.

Call-to-Action Graphics/Buttons

Ok now for my favorite part of this entire product (well one of them).  When you purchase OptimizePress, you also receive a graphics pack that is filled with awesome buttons and graphics that you can use on your sales page.  These buttons are already integrated within OptimizePress, but you could use them elsewhere.

  • 40 Buttons like “Add to Cart” “Get Access Now” “Show Me The Video” “Get Instant Access” “Sign Up Now” that are all high converting and proven to work
  • Tons of Header graphics and PSDs to modify if you choose to

Insert Testimonials

What is a well designed sales page withing a few testimonials?  OptimizePress gives you various testimonial layouts to insert into your sales page to help build credibility with your product. Just enter the testimonial text, name, company and image and OptimizePress will give it a nice layout.

Tons of Layout Options

Depending on the type of page you are looking to create, OptimizePress has multiple options to choose from.  All you do is pick from the available options and OptimizePress will adjust the layout.  Your layout options include 10 different squeeze page layouts, 5 different sales letter layouts, and a membership page layout.  Each of these layouts are customizable as well, to include various video positions and sidebar options.

E-mail Integration

Worried about if your favorite E-mail marketing system won’t integrate with OptimizePress?  Don’t worry, OptimizePress can integrate with all of the most popular providers and also includes a standalone opt-in form if you choose to use theirs.

Social Integration

As we all know, it is becoming extremely popular to add Facebook and Twitter integration into your sales page.  Just by activating the Facebook tick box, you will have a landing page that adds the ability for people to comment using their Facebook login.  They can also share your page with their Twitter friends from the button below your video.

Video Integration

Another great feature that I love is the ability to embed your video from YouTube or a custom video player like EasyVideoPlayer 2.0 or JW Player. I was a bit hesitant because I had recently purchase EasyVideoPlayer and wasn’t sure if OptimizePress would work with EVP.  It handles it with no problems at all.

Excellent Training & Support

After you purchase OptimizePress they provide great customer service and training to get you up and running fast.  You will be provided a login to your backend, where you will have access to the main files, a graphic pack, training videos and a 97-page user manual.  Between the training videos and the manual, they do a great job of walking you step-by-step on installing OptimizePress all the way to publishing your very own page.

My Feedback (because its in honest review)

I absolutely love all of the features and layouts that come with OptimizePress, however because there are so many, it becomes hard to know what controls what in the WP backend.  To fix this issue, I printed out the user manual which shows what “Sales Letter 6” looks like.  My recommendations would be to maybe have a preview or thumbnail on what the layout will look like.  This way we won’t have to reference the user manual or have to save changes then preview it live.

Purchase OptimizePress for Only $97 $297

Seriously guys, this really is a no brainer.  This product will save you thousand upon thousands of dollars on design and programming costs, that you would have to pay if you didn’t use this product. Even though I know you wouldn’t need it, they also back OptimizePress with a 30-day full money back guarantee.

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