I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but i added a new WordPress plugin to the blog that will pull in related and recommended posts at the bottom of each blog post.  This new plugin is brought to you by Arkayne, an awesome new product that will help you optimize and promote your blogs content.

This new WP plugin is a total solution for optimizing each of your posts, displaying relevant related posts on your site, as well as recommends other posts who are within your social community.

Blog Post Management

Once you have installed the plugin,  Arkayne will scan your site to give you a list of all of your blog posts, that you can then put through the SEO analyzer tool (keep reading to see how the SEO Analyzer works).  You can also manage all of your posts by seeing what inner-links and cross-links there are for each post.  You can also disable the plugin on a per post basis, to hide the links that Arkayne would normally show on that post.

Build Your Community Presence

Arkayne has built a community that allows you to find and recommend users and content that you would like to promote on your blog.  Once you have “Recommended” someone, their content will start showing up under “StayOnSearch Recommends” at the bottom of your posts.  Arkayne also has a proprietary algorithm that they use to deliver the most relevant “Recommended” links within your network to your blog readers.  This will improve the user experience, because you are offering relevant external links to blogs that you manually approve.

Where the real power of this tool lies is growing your network so that your posts are being recommended on other industry blogs.  For each person that recommends you, your posts will have the opportunity to now show up as “Recommended Links” on their blog.  This can help to increase referral traffic and drive a potentially new readership to your blog.

Here is what a Arkayne badge looks like for promoting on your blog.

How the SEO Analyzer Tool Works

The Arkayne SEO Analyzer allows you to easily check every article you write for SEO compliance before and after your publish.

Key Features:

  • Do it Yourself SEO
  • Integrates directly into your WordPress Admin Panel
  • Simple to use, doesn’t require technical expertise

Arkayne Tracking

Arkayne comes equipped with a number of tracking features to monitor the effectiveness of your blog links.  You can see how many total hits and your click through rates you are receiving.  You can also look within your Google Analytics account, under “Referring Sites” to see your typical GA data like time on site and bounce rate.

Other data you can gather includes:

  • Click Ins (traffic coming from other blogs)
  • Click Outs (traffic going out to other blogs)
  • Top Users (which users are bringing in or sending out traffic)

Social Distribution

Arkayne is also adding Twitter and Facebook distribution, as well as additional ways you can provide links back to your blog.  Watch the video to see how this feature works.

Going Pro

Arkayne offers a number of pricing options including a free solution that lets you try it out before you decide to go Pro. Once you install the plugin, you will immediately want to bump up to at least the Pro edition once you see all of the additional features that are available.

If you are an agency, Arkayne has a whitelabel solution that will remove the Arkayne logo from the bottom of the Socialize links.