Today is the day!  Hopefully by now, you have been following the List Eruption launch week posts and have been getting as excited as I have been.  Today we are officially launching List Eruption to the public.

If you may have missed the sneak peak post about List Eruption, let me introduce the new WordPress plugin that will help to rapidly grow your email marketing list!  This plugin and functionality is the main reason how I was able to build a list of over 2,000 subscribers in under 1 month!

What List Eruption Can Do?

List Eruption is a WordPress plugin that allows you to grow your email marketing list on basically auto-pilot.  It leverages each of your subscribers to help grow your list FOR YOU.  The plugin is a combination of a referral management system and social media promotion tool, to allow each subscriber to WANT to promote whatever you are offering.

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How It Works [Simplified]:

  1. Opt-In: A visitor Opts-In to your list
  2. Thank You Page: The subscriber goes to a Thank You Page, where they are provided a unique referral URL, along with various sharing options to promote whatever they just signed up for.
  3. Bonus Rewards: The subscriber is presented with bonus rewards they can receive for referring their network of friends to join your list.
  4. Multiply Effect: Each subscriber is enticed to tell their friends in order to receive bonuses, which in turn gains new referred subscribers who will be presented with the same reward offer.

The great thing about this system is you have FULL control over what the reward bonuses are and how many reward levels you want to create.

For example, this could be a sample of the referral system you setup within List Eruption:

  • REWARD LEVEL 1: After 5 Referrals = Receive “Top 50 Tweeter Secrets Revealed” [PDF]
  • REWARD LEVEL 2: After 20 Referrals = Receive Free Invitation to “5 Internet Marketers Share Success Secrets” [Webinar]
  • REWARD LEVEL 3: After 50 Referrals = Receive “Premium SEO WordPress Theme” [Product]

As you can see, you have full flexibility over how many referrals they need for each reward level and what you offer your subscribers.  Each reward is sent to them automatically by email once they reach their reward level.

This referral system has been proven to leverage each subscriber and turn every Opt-In into 5, 10, 50, 100 new subscribers!!

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Features Galore!

Now that you understand how the system works, let me show you all the features and functionality that are built into List Eruption.  Each of the features that we added to this plugin were added to make this plugin extremely user-friendly and to INCREASE CONVERSIONS.

  • Email Provider Integration: Works with Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response, iContact and Constant Contact
  • Pre-Designed Landing Pages: Feel free to use one of our pre-designed landing pages that have been proven to convert OR use your own WordPress theme
  • Opt-In Widget: Add a Opt-In widget to your blog sidebar for additional conversions
  • Set Multiple Reward Levels: Set as many reward levels as you would like
  • Automated Email Reminders: A email reminder system that reminds each subscribe to continue to refer more people to receive their next reward level.
  • Social Sharing: Each subscriber can share their referral URL and pre-populated message on Twitter and Facebook with the push of a button
  • Monitoring: Monitor your subscribers, referrals by each subscriber and reward levels each has reached all within WordPress

Best part about it is there is no technical knowledge required!

Fact-Action Special Discount

For the first 7 days ONLY, I am giving everyone a special discount on List Eruption.  After the 7 day launch period is up, I will be increasing the price.

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