So over the last 3 days we have talked a lot about things you can do on your blog to help increase the number of subscribers you can get.  Let’s shift gears a little and talk about an effective way to inexpensively drive THOUSANDS of targeted people to your landing or squeeze page.

List Building Essentials – Tip #4

Facebook Advertising is becoming a primary source of high quality paid traffic.  The biggest different between Adwords and FB Ads is in Google Adwords you are geo-targeting and bigging on specific keywords.  With Facebook Ads your targeting options are based more around peoples likes and dislikes.  Also, with FB, the CPC/CPM prices are MUCH lower than if you were bidding in Adwords.   This is simply because the platform is not as saturated with advertisers.

What does this mean?

As a marketer you can ONLY show ads to people who are interested in what you are trying to sell them.  Let’s do a quick exercise and actually setup a campaign in Facebook and show how you could start driving qualified traffic to your squeeze page for MORE SUBSCRIBERS!.

For this example, we will be promoting the free 10 Week Internet Marketing course that I offer.

Step 1:   Create Your Campaign >> Go to

Step 2:  Creat Your Ad

This is simply where you are going to add your 3 lines of copy that you will use to entice the user in clicking your ad.  Unlike Adwords, you also will have the benefit of a image next to your copy that can really help improve CTR.  You also have the option of sending people directly to your offer or landing page.

Step 3:  Targeting Options

So probably the most important step in making sure we are driving high quality traffic to our landing page.

With the Facebook Ad Platform, we can target users who “Like” or are Fans of certain Fan Pages.  With that being said you want to try and target fan pages that are similar to yours or what your offer talks about.  For this example, I know that people like “Ryan Deiss” “Jeff Johnson” and “Tim Atkinson” are all big time Internet/Affiliate Marketers that have a large following.  If I tried targeting small time marketers it probably wouldn’t return enough users to drive a good amount of traffic back to my landing page.  This is why I want to target the bigger marketers who have lots of fans.

Under the “Interests” section, I can start typing their names in the box and Facebook will display their Fan Pages (if they have one).  As you can see just from these 3 fan pages alone, I am targeting over 32,000 people.  I could of course expand on this to include a large sample size, but I think you get the point now.

What this now means is that our ads are only going to show to people who are fans of these specific Fan Pages.  We can be pretty sure if they are fans of these pages, that they would be interested in my 10 week marketing course.

Step 4:  Set Your Daily Budget

Now that you have created your ad, set the targeting options, you are ready to set a budget for your campaign.  There are a number of Facebook bidding strategies, but I didn’t want to dive into that for this quick example.  I just wanted to show you how easy it is to setup a ad and target high quality traffic back to your landing page.

If you have the budget, this is an extremely powerful way to grow your list quickly.

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