Happy Monday to everyone.    We are just one day away from the List Eruption launch, so as you can imagine I am super excited!  I am looking forward to giving you guys what I use to really help grow my list.

List Building Essentials – Tip #5

Social Media is a great way to build relationships with like-minded people.  It can also be a GOLDMINE for building a list.  For Twitter in particular, whenever someone starts following you, that is a great opportunity to not only introduce yourself, but to hit them with value.

I have a few different Twitter profiles in the different niches that I am active in and I have an automated message that introduces myself and gives them a link to a free report that is relevant to the industry.  I know some of you are saying well that is not really personable if you are sending out an automated reply to them.  I agree, that is is not as personable, but given my current situation I simply don’t have the time to manually message every new Twitter follower I get.  If you can write a personal tweet to each new follower, go for it…but I feel that 1 automated tweet doesn’t hurt.  Also if you are providing them with a free piece of value, they should have no problem at all.

Here are a few examples of auto-replies I have used that work well.

  1. Thanks for the follow!  Odds are you LOVE [niche] like I do, so make sure you download [free content].
  2. Nice to meet you!  Check out my [free content]…would love your feedback on how I cam improve it.
  3. Followed back : )  Check out my [blog/website] and how I was able to [problem you solved].

Auto-Reply Services

You are going to need a Twitter auto-reply service to handle this for you.  Luckily there are only like 500 services to choose from.  Personally I use TweetAdder, because of all the other features it has, but there are plenty of free services out there you can try.

** Tip:  If you really want to grow your list fast with this method, you can mass auto-follow people based on keywords in their profile (not necessarily recommended) which will help grow your following and subscribers faster.

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