I thought I would share some new tools and applications that I have recently stumbled across during the last month.  For the most part they are random tools ranging from iPhone applications to SEO research tools, however I thought I would share some of them with you.  Hopefully you will do the same 🙂


The very 1st Google Buzz app for the iPhone, so you can Buzz updates from the convenience of your smart phone.  For $2.99 you can have this app with all of the cool features it includes.

Key Features

  • See what’s happening around you, even if you don’t have a Buzz account
  • Receive messages from the people you follow
  • Comment on messages and mark them as liked
  • Browse all links and images attached to messages
  • Manage your followers
  • Browse the people following you
  • Find new people to follow
  • Check the places around you and buzz about them
  • Buzz from your phone, publicly or privately
  • Support for push notifications


Have you ever wanted more information about your contacts within Outlook, well look no further. Xobni is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that makes it easier to search past emails, contact info and attachments.  It will also search the web for social media profiles like Facebook and Linkedin and pull in any information it finds into their contact profile.

Key Features

  • Search emails, contacts and attachments
  • Organize contact info, profile pictures, company info and job titles
  • Pull in social media profile information
  • Threaded Comments
  • E-mail Analytics and Data

Radian6 Engagement Console

Radian6 gave us a sneak peak into their new social media desktop console, the solution to help scale social media engagement inside a company. Easily monitor conversations, assign follow-up tasks and manage client social media strategies all through the new engagement console.

Key Features

  • Is a complete real-time social web client (yep, more than Twitter)
  • Helps you coordinate team social media engagement across the enterprise
  • Shows Radian6 topic profiles right alongside your personal or corporate Twitter and Facebook streams
  • Lets you set one-click workflow for frequently use post routing, assignment, and classification
  • Feeds data to your Radian6 dashboard for reporting and analysis

Check out the Introduction Video from Radian6

Foursquare Grader

The newest grader tool brought to you by Hubspot is SquareGrader, a tool for measuring your effectiveness on Foursquare. SquareGrader gives you a score out of 100, that looks are various engagement factors within your Foursquare account.

Key Features

  • Badge Summary
  • Suggested Next Badge
  • Mayorship Summary
  • List of Friends along with their Grade


Scribe is a wordpress plugin that helps to make SEO copywriting easy and seamless when writing within wordpress.  While you are writing your post, Scribe will give you recommendations for title tags, meta description tags, and content optimization.  It will perform a contextual analysis that will look at keyword density, rank, and keyword performance.  Overall, Scribe will help add SEO best practices to your blogging.

Key Features

  • Reduce Optimization Time
  • Retain Maximum Readability
  • Remove SEO Guesswork
  • Analyzes what you’ve already written, preserving your natural flow
  • Tells you what search engines will think you’re writing about
  • Helps you tweak remaining content elements based on SEO best practices
  • Tells you what changes to make to better reflect the language searchers are using


Trendistic will check trends for specific keywords within the Twitter community.  It will also perform real-time searches to see what people are currently saying about a keyword or phrase. For anyone conducting industry research, this is a great tool for measuring social media mentioning.


It seems like everyday I am signing up for another social media account.  Well SocialURL is a way you can show off all of your social media profiles with one url.  SocialURL will aggregate all of your profiles into one easy to use web page.

Key Features

  • Give out one URL that links to all of your web profiles
  • Perfect for e-mail and forum signatures
  • Keep your fans updated on new profiles you create


WhoLinksToMe is a backlink and reputation management tool that allows you to gain valuable insights into your website.  Even though there are dozens of tools that are similar, WhoLinksToMe has a clean interface with some robust reporting.

Key Features

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Rankings
  • General Website Information

Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop

For anyone who is managing pay-per-click campaigns through Yahoo, should download the Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop tool that will allow you to easily manage your account.  Google has a similar desktop tool called the Adwords Editor that allows you to make changes to your PPC account.

Key Features

  • Make Quick Edits
  • Add New Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Add New Keywords
  • Paste From a Spreadsheet into Your Account
  • Work Offline
  • Browse the Latest PPC Account Data

Google Wave Extensions

Google just released extensions for their new communication tool, Google Wave.  Find extensions that will help with video chat, telephone conferencing, embed Google Maps, and add important data and information to your waves.

Have a new Web 2.0 app or tool that you want to share?  Tell me about it.

Give out a single URL that links to all your web profiles.
Perfect for email and forum signatures.
Your fans get notified when you create new web profiles.