If you have visited as many blogs as I have over the last few years, or if you are relatively new to Internet Marketing, you will probably have read many articles that totally distort the truth. One of the best I’ve seen goes something like this: “If your website suffers from no traffic and needs more leads and sales, the best solution to this problem is to increase the traffic.”

All That Glitters is Not Gold

In the context of this post, they would have you believe that getting more traffic to your website means making more sales. The problem with this ideology is that it just isn’t true. Far from it! What if your visitors are just window shoppers? What if they don’t care what your website is offering, no matter how enticing you think your products are?  Well it all boils down to just one thing: you are getting traffic but not targeted traffic. It’s as simple as that.

Why Getting High Traffic is Not Enough

While it may sound nice to know you have a good amount of traffic arriving at your website, the truth is that traffic that does not convert to sales is quite useless. Like someone who has good money to spend on PPC could easily bring in an absurd amount of traffic. But, if there is no conversion, this traffic becomes worthless.  For sales to actually take place, you must have good conversions.

How Do You Increase Sales Conversions?

As there is no face-to-face dealing, the challenge is to provide an unforgettable customer experience that is special, satisfying and the right information he/she is looking for.

  1. If your product provides a solution to a problem, include this benefit in your content.
  2. You should offer whatever help to make your visitors understand your product better and how to use it. If this means providing a video to help explain things a little better, get it done immediately.
  3. Put up a personal message on your website, even if it is just a simple message to welcome your visitors.
  4. Put up some of your customers’ testimonials on your website to show confidence of the product from people who have used it.
  5. Provide your “call to action” like a link to purchase and download your product. All the earlier steps culminate in this last step, so make sure that this call to action is prominently displayed on your website.