As you may have noticed recently I have been trying to add more information about making money online, rather than just the normal SEO and social media type posts that you are accustom of seeing.  I think this is extremely important, as it is one thing to be able to optimize a blog or website, but its another thing to actually make money from it.

When my good friend Rob Rammuny told me about his Point Copy Profit course, I was eager to see it.  Rob is a 16 year old, high school dropout who is making $100,000 online.  Luckily, Rob was nice enough to give me a review copy so I could get a sneak peak before everyone else.  This e-c0urse covers a wide variety of ways to make quick money online.

Point Copy Profit Launches Today!

Offering Bonus Worth $297

Today is actually the official launch day for his course.  Before you go and see what Point Copy Profit is all about, I have provided my own review so you can see exactly what you will receive with the course.  I also wanted to give you guys a special bonus for anyone who decides to buy the course, through my link (aff link).

I am offering two bonus videos that you will receive after you purchase through this post.

BONUS 1: The Million Dollar Mindset

Learn how you can have the “X” factor that is essential for anyone who wants to be successful online…and has been proven to work for those who already are practicing this mindset.

BONUS 2: List Building Secrets

You have probably seen me talk about list building a lot on StayOnSearch and that is because of how powerful an email is.  The List Building Secrets covers some of the most closed-kept secretes of email marketing that will make a HUGE difference in terms of how much you make.

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Whats Inside the Course

Module 1:  YouTube Method

Rob talks about YouTube and how you can leverage this untapped traffic source.  He goes into how you are able to get your video to rank on the first page of YouTube within just a couple of hours – if you follow his system.  He was able to generate 100,000+ video views and drive over 3,800 leads, and he shows how to do that in this module.

Module 2:  The Lazy Tweeter

This module talks about how you can make money online with Twitter, with it basically on auto-pilot.  This probably isn’t a great tactic for people who are trying to build a personal brand, but if you are trying to use Twitter to make money, he will show you how.

Module 3:  Amazon Arbitrage

Amazon is HUGE!  So this is a huge way to make money online.  Not only by having your own e-commerce site, but also as an affiliate promoting products on Amazon.  The great thing about Amazon Associates is that Amazon will host your store for you, provide the reviews…you just need to drive traffic and make money.

Module 4:  Making Money by Interviewing People

Probably my favorite module, Rob talks about how you can interview industry experts and make money by doing this.  How easy does it seem to ask the authorities in a niche by asking them questions and packing it into a product that people will want to buy.

Module 5:  Seed Site Domination

Personally I have been getting into niche marketing recently, so I thought this was a great module to help me with the niche sites I am building.  Rob talks about building multiple niche email lists, setting up auto-responders and broadcasts, then making money!  He will walk you through step-by-step on how to setup your niche website, creating an email marketing account, setting up your opt-in form, auto-responder, and hosting.

Module 6:  Article Marketing Exposed

Article Marketing has been an effective tactic for driving traffic and backlinks to your site…and it is still effective today.  Rob walks you through how to create lots of unique articles quickly and submit them to high-authority article submission directories.

Module 7:  Media Buying

In this module, Rob talks about YouTube and how you can leverage other people’s videos to drive massive amounts of traffic.  This seems to be a very popular strategy for marketers recently, but have not tried it yet.  Am very interested in hearing about other peoples experiences with buying traffic from other YouTubers.

Module 8:  Facebook PPC

Rob walks you through step-by-step on how to setup your own Facebook PPC campaign.  I have been a huge fan of FB PPC as I find the CPC to be much lower than Google Adwords, and also has much better targeted options.  He also will show you how to can make money by promoting Clickbank affiliate products through Facebook PPC.

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Bonus Products

Rob also gives you the option to be able to unlock the bonus “Niche Vaults” and “No Work Attack” content.  These are separate products that you can purchase, but integrate nicely into the backend of Point Copy Profit.

No Work Attack

For anyone who is looking to outsource things like content development, link building, website design/programming, Rob created a mini-course that walks you through where you can find cheap workers and build an outsourcing empires, by following the tactics he teaches you.

Niche Vaults

As I was saying before, I have been spending a lot of time setting up different niche websites.  This course helps you find deeper researched niches that are highly lucrative and that you can make a lot of money from.  He provides you with some niche templates that are already setup , so he does all of the hard work for you!

Overall Review

Overall, I was very pleased with his course.  It covers a lot of different tactics and strategies to help you make money online.  Of course, if you don’t take action on what he teaches you won’t make a dime, so you need to take action for any of this stuff to work.  I like how he made each video about 15-20 minutes long, so they are manageable and does not overwhelm you with information.  If any of you guys are looking to find ways to make money online, I highly recommend picking it up.

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