More than a billion and half people use the Internet, and this has created plenty of opportunities for savvy Internet marketers. There will be a growing need for Internet marketing specialists as more businesses seek to create an Internet presence. One way to acquire the skills needed to enter the occupation is by enrolling in an Internet marketing bachelor’s degree program. These programs focus on e-commerce and online business. You will learn to use e-marketing methods to sell products and services, cultivate product awareness, develop a brand on the Internet, increase the web presence of companies, bring more consumers to websites and much more.

Most e-marketing programs provide training in analyzing Internet consumer behavior, determining target audiences and developing, implementing and tracking Internet campaigns. A typical Internet marketing program also includes elements of traditional marketing. Undergraduate and graduate Internet marketing degree programs are available on-campus and online.

You should check to see if the programs you’re interested in cover the following subjects:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Architecture of successful web sites
  • Online survey tools
  • Creating and implementing promotional email campaigns
  • Building and optimizing websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Web metrics
  • Company branding
  • International marketing

Some Internet bachelor’s degree programs also cover other important topics, including the following:

  • Cultural attitudes
  • Mobile technologies
  • Consumer behavior
  • Media planning
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital imaging
  • Audio and video for the web
  • Multi media design
  • Internet law and intellectual property

Internet Marketing Master’s Degree Program

Some schools offer MBA programs with a specialization in Internet marketing. These programs typically include the core business principles of a traditional MBA program along with Internet marketing strategies and data mining/search engine analytics. Most of the programs also use an advanced approach to cover many of the topics included in a basic Internet marketing bachelor’s degree program.

In most of these programs students have the opportunity to create a fully integrated business plan. Students gain insights into real world business situations through case study analysis. An MBA Internet marketing degree will increase your career opportunities and probably your salary.

If you have an Internet marketing degree you will likely be qualified for the following jobs:

  • Online Marketing Coordinator
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Interactive Marketing Director
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Interactive Sales Manager
  • Communications Director
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Online Visibility Specialist
  • Online Public Relations Specialist

Important Questions about Schools

When researching schools, you should get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the school accredited by an agency which has been approved by the Council for Higher Education or the United States Department of Education?
  • Does the program provide an internship?
  • What types of financial aid are available?
  • Does the school provide job placement services?

An Internet marketing degree offers you the potential to work in marketing departments for a variety of companies that do business on the Internet. A degree that focuses on Internet marketing as opposed to a general marketing program will give you a competitive edge when applying for Internet based marketing jobs. Make sure the program provides comprehensive training.