On certain occasions, handling a PPC or pay per click campaign for an e-commerce website might turn out to be difficult. E-commerce advertisement companies often face plenty of hardship in the paid search domain when they are trying to maintain everything in order. The problem gets aggravated for companies that don’t have a flexible and substantial budget. At the same time, retail companies with a huge budget keep on ruling the roost.

If you want to be successful in e-commerce, you have to devise a well-organized campaign and make use of the right PPC strategies. No matter what your business volume or budget is or the level of contest you’re facing, you can use various strategies and methods to make the advertisements additionally attractive. Some unique strategies to do that are explained below:

1) Ad Copywriting

There are three key elements to ensure higher number of click-through rates and they are as follows:

  • The product or service you are offering (offer)
  • The type of activity expected from the user (proposition)
  • Why people should purchase from your e-commerce shop (value)

These elements play a major role behind the success of PPC advertisements.

You should not use typical words like buy, shop or save that are frequently used by other marketers. Instead, use words like “realize” or “discover” that are more creative and attention-grabbing. Knowing your target audience and their tastes is important for a successful ad copy.

2) Keyword bidding

Keyword bidding is an outstanding technique for making your e-commerce campaign successful. One of the most effective techniques that marketers use is modified broad match. This has a number of differences with the commonplace “precise” phrase match or simply “phrase” match bidding.

A plus sign is used before keywords which should be incorporated in the search by the user for your advertisement to surface. An example would clarify this. If a bid is placed on the key phrase +automated +teller +machine, then all these words have to be included in a search conducted by the user for the ad to come up. Therefore, the phrase “automated teller machines for banks” will work as an activator.

Keyword bidding strategy is particularly useful for extensive phrases and long-tail keywords. Modified broad match offers one more benefit. The CPC or cost per click for particular keyword combinations is considerably nominal.

3) Split Testing 

Split testing of advertisements is a surefire way to gain success in e-commerce. Many of the marketers don’t realize the importance of an ad copy. If your ad copy has good content, then viewers will be automatically attracted to your ad. Your endeavor should always be to split test a number of advertisements for each ad category and using 2-5 variant of ad copies. If the exposure rate of the advertisements is quite high, it is better to go for split testing 3-5 ads. Try including all the key phrases in the copy. One useful technique for this is the Dynamic Keyword Insertion, which facilitates generation of exclusive advertisements for a big variety of keywords.

In summary, follow the tips given below to make your e-commerce campaign fruitful:

  • Generate the best possible advertisement
  • Invite less, reject more customers
  • Cite the price of the product in the advertisement title
  • Use a blend of short and long-tail keywords
  • Give more focus on negative keywords (use peel n’ stick technique)
  • Categorize your target audience
  • Use different search engines in different ways
  • Don’t depend too much on tools for optimizing your PPC campaign
  • Keep on creating ad and ad copy variants
  • Run different campaigns for different products
  • Export your data through Microsoft Excel
  • Register for Google Merchant Center (an online domain where product data can be uploaded and made accessible to Google Product Search)
  • Link Google Adwords Account with Google Merchant Center Account
  • Use Adwords Ad Extensions – product extensions and site links (ad extensions can help in better representation of your paid advertisements and higher conversion)
  • Use Google Display Network for re-marketing your products

Constant evaluation and review is essential for running a successful e-commerce campaign. You need to have the right pay per click management strategies for e-commerce if you want to flourish among your contenders. The above mentioned strategies will definitely help you increase your ROI.