Over the last few weeks, Google has rolled out a feature I have been waiting for FOREVER.  For anyone that manages PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, you know that its annoying if you are trying to manage a monthly budget for a client.  The reason being is that Adwords allows you to set a daily budget instead.  You are probably saying, well why don’t you just calculate the daily budget that will give you the monthly budget your client authorizes.

Here is why:

  • Just because you set a daily budget, doesn’t mean you will use that exact amount
  • You may also want to display more ads in a certain campaign that are performing better, which means you will use a larger budget

Besides the issue I just explained with managing monthly and not daily budgets, there were always a number of problems with setting up automated rules that would better maximize your campaigns.  A solution to this problem is to use a PPC Bid Management Tool.  However most of these tools are fairly expensive and usually take a percentage of your ad spend.

Now with the automated rules feature, I can set a rule that my ads will be paused once I reach the spend for that month.  Problem solved!

Automated Rules – In-Depth Look

Google has recently opened a new feature up to Adwords customers, that allows you to setup certain automated rules with your Adwords account.

These rules can be applied to a number of aspects within your account including,

  • Bidding
  • Budget
  • Status Updates
  • Campaign, Ad Groups, Keyword Triggers (based on certain metrics)

What This Means for Your PPC Campaigns

This means that you will have more control over your campaign and be able to further target it, like you have never before.  Here are a few examples that Google provides of possible ideas you can use to take advantage of this new feature.

  • Enable ads promoting a special offer late on a Sunday night when the offer goes live
  • Automatically raise your bid to the first page CPC for all keywords in a campaign that contain the word ‘sale’
  • Generate more traffic on your peak shopping days by automatically increasing your daily budget on Mondays and decreasing it on Wednesdays

Personally I am really excited about the new feature.  I just started playing around with it and have noticed that it opens your Adwords campaigns up to such a better level of targeting!

Would love to hear if anyone else has used the automated rules features and how they used it.