Throughout the 3 years that StayOnSearch has been around, I didn’t truly see the full value of the fringe benefits that you gain from blogging until recently.  Now that the blog is receiving a respectable amount of traffic and has built a loyal readership, there are many more opportunities that come in, that I never have expected.

It’s pretty amazing the doors and opportunities that open up once you have become established.

Sneak Peaks/VIP Access

When a new product or service is in the development stages, many companies will reach out to industry experts/bloggers to get some quality feedback on how they can improve the product/service.  This can mean that you get an inside look at a product that is going to hit the mainstream in the near future.  By being one of the first people to try out the product/service you can be ready to cover it on your blog before anyone has the chance, giving you the first mover advantage.

Getting a first look before everyone else can sometime also lead to future partnerships and business relationships.  If there is a new product that compliments your offerings, you can jump on the opportunity to partner with the company or be the “exclusive carrier” of their product/service.

Free Products/Services

There are new products being developed every day.  Of course these products need to be marketed and promoted to become successful.  One very powerful way that companies market a new product, is to reach out to bloggers and offer their products for free, in hopes of a positive product review.  If you are an influential blogger and you write a positive review about a product that you got free access to, it can mean thousands of dollars in sales for the company.

Improve Your Industry Credibility

As bloggers begin to make their mark in the industry, others will recognize it and position you as one of the experts.  Once your readers have thought as you as a leader you will see people contacting you for a number of reasons including:

  • Conduct an Interview
  • Contribute to an Expert Poll
  • Add a Quote from you to use in a Whitepaper or E-book
  • Invite you to speak at an event/conference

Opportunity to Travel

Even though most people think of bloggers as people who sit at home in front of their computer for 8 hours a day, that is far from the truth.  Many bloggers are avid travelers, because of the ability to be able to work from anywhere they want….all they need is an internet connection and computer.  By being a full or even a part time blogger, you have more opportunities to set your own schedule and go where you want to go.

Furthermore, many bloggers will be invited to speak at trade shows, conferences, and events, which can turn into a free opportunity to travel and see new cities.

Additional Work Opportunities

Once you have been blogging for a good amount of time and you have gotten your name established in the industry, you will start to see that it is easier to get new opportunities for work.  The best part about this, is the opportunities start to come to you, instead of you having to go out and find those opportunities.

Type of Work Opportunities:

  • Get new speaking engagements
  • Gain new clients/customers
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Consulting Work