A blog’s growth depends on how well you rope in new visitors while keeping the existing readers satisfied. If you take blogging simply as a hobby, you may not be really worried about whether its popularity grows or not. But if you are planning to turn your blog into a home-based business that can earn you a six-figure income, you need to pay attention.

Even when you try really hard to keep your readers happy, you might make multiple mistakes, which will obstruct your blog’s growth. Let us have a look at the five potential mistakes that can prevent your blog from growing.

#1. The About Us Page Is Crippled

The ‘about us’ page of a blog gets a high amount of traffic. Before stepping into a new relationship with you, readers want to ensure whether you are a great match for them. It is the ‘about us’ page that tells readers whether the blog has a human side to it. This page gives you a potential opportunity to connect with your audience.

An incomplete or a crippled ‘about us’ page will certainly fail to compel readers for stepping into a long-term relationship. Therefore, use this page to inform your readers of your whereabouts and establish a wonderful personal connection.

#2. Headlines Don’t Attract Clicks

Creating attention-grabbing headlines is key to attract the most number of clicks. Learn the art of writing killer headlines. Use numbers, give world-class examples and employ power words to add weight to blog post headlines. People will click a headline only when it piques their curiosity.

What’s even more important is that you deliver what your headline promises. Make sure the headline that you have chosen is exactly in tune with what you have shared in the blog post.

#3. Web Pages Are Not Visually Appealing

Visual appeal can only be created when you know what type of audience you are going to target. Where is your audience located? Your audience may belong to different fields of work or occupations.

Once you are aware who your target audience is, you should pull up your socks to create a blog design that’s in tune with their aspirations. According to the requirements, customize the page layout, font style, background color etc. The focus should always be on making your blog visually appealing to the target market.

#4. The Opt-in Form Looks Ugly

The appearance of your blog’s opt-in form makes a heck of difference when it comes to inviting readers for sign-up. People will be tempted to sign up if the email capture form really catches their attention. There are multiple professional email services (like Aweber and MailChimp) you can use.

The opt-in form issue might appear to be a petty one, but it’s actually not. An ugly looking opt-in form can make your blog lose a lot of potential readers. Pay attention before it’s too late, if you really want to grow your blog.

#5. SEO Has Become an Obsession

As soon as you become obsessed about SEO, you start affecting the quality of your blog posts. Definitely, your blog needs to be found in search engines. But that doesn’t mean you should start targeting search engines rather than people. Don’t ever let SEO take its toll on the quality of articles.

What steps have you taken to increase the growth of your blog? Please feel free to share your views and experiences in the comment section below.