How Blog Comments Attract Traffic

As a blogger, you have something to say, whether it’s about business, baking or birds. With regularity, you post insights, photos and tips in an effort to share your interest with readers. You believe you’re doing your best, yet your blog hasn’t attracted any new readers recently. Consider how commenting on other blogs can attract traffic to your blog.

Establish Authority and Credibility

Successful bloggers share two important traits–authority and credibility. As you post well-thought out comments on blogs, readers see a glimpse of your knowledge. Maybe your opinion on a social topic attracts attention or your product idea excites readers to learn more about what you offer. Use comments to share your authority and credibility in order to attract readers to your blog.

Build Relationships

When you take time to write a thoughtful comment on a blog, you show the blog writer that you value his or her content. As you build relationships with the blog owner and his or her guests, you also establish a network of potential readers and future partners.

Value People

People are even more important than your blog’s growth. Before posting a comment, think about its value to the blogging community. If you’re not adding quality to the conversation but instead post comments solely for your own benefit, your comments decrease rather than increase traffic to your blog.

Time your Comments

You might try to comment first in order to jump start the conversation. This tactic can also attract curiosity clickers to your blog. While this strategy works sometimes, it might not attract the long-term readers you want.

Often, in the rush to leave the first comment, the comment’s quality is less than stellar. No one will want to read your blog if your comments include disjointed content, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Provide Great Content

Whether you’re writing about an SEO company or local flora and fauna, read the entire post and think through your response before commenting. When you don’t make a clear point, your credibility decreases. Instead of visiting and reading your blog, readers will dismiss you instead. Stand out in the crowd when your comments include useful, valuable and thoughtful content.

Use Context

Before you post your comment, consider if it makes sense. Will someone who reads it understand what your comments reference?

If you’re responding to something in the blog post, quote it. If you’re responding to another comment, address the poster by name. Comments that make sense can build your reputation and can attract more readers to your blog.

Link Smart

Leaving comments only builds your blog if they lead to more followers, re-tweets or bookmarks. As readers share your content, your blog grows. That’s one of the goals of comments.

To encourage readers to visit your site and share your amazing content, add a link that contributes to the conversation. Link something you wrote that relates to the conversation or share valuable content from industry experts or other sources. Quality links add value and can attract traffic to your blog.

Respond Quickly

If someone responds after you in the comments section and asks a question, respond back. Thank them for their comment and continue the conversation.

Sometimes, comments will be negative. Respond with kindness. Part of the conversation includes debate, and your ability to handle differing opinions with kindness can solidify your reputation in your social media network.

Know when to Stop

Online readers skim content. Your comments will receive more attention if you keep them brief.

Also, address one issue at a time. Instead of one long paragraph, post multiple comments. This technique allows you to make more than one relevant point, and it increases the likelihood that your comments will be read, enjoyed and appreciated.

When you’re looking for ways to grow your blog, attract traffic with blog comments. As you leave quality comments and build relationships, your audience expands. You grow your blog one well-placed and quality comment at a time.