Everyone knows by now the value of guest blogging when it comes to building links back to your blog and building up your authority in your niche. But did you know you could get paid to guest blog as well?

Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you are writing on your own blog, contributing to others, or producing quality content for article directories, then congratulations, you have enough to start your own portfolio.

You will need to create a portfolio page of all of your writing on your own blog, or use your own name domain as a portfolio with themes such as Social Life (as shown in the graphic below) to create a lifestream compilation of all of your writing activities.

Freelance Writing Portfolio

With a one stop shop setup for your writing samples, then you can begin to advertise yourself as a blogger as well as a freelance writer. You can then send your portfolio page or site along with any guest posts you submit.

Sites that Pay Guest Bloggers

The following are just a few of the blogs out there that will pay you for a contribution to their site. Be sure to get to know the blogs very well before sending in your post – follow any listed guidelines, and make sure your post does not cover something they already have. And of course, send in your writing samples portfolio so they know what qualifications and authority you have in their decision making process.

  • Freelance Switch – this blog geared toward freelancers pays up to $50 per post.
  • Pro Blog Design – get up to $125 for posts on advanced blog design, custom coding techniques, and related topics.
  • SitePoint – not only does SitePoint pay up to $100 per post on programming, business, and web design topics, but they also pay bonuses based on pageviews.
  • Cats Who Code – earn up to $75 with posts on web design coding.
  • Smashing Magazine – the payment amount is not specified, but Smashing Magazine and their networks offer paid post opportunities on graphic design, web design, web development, blogging, and WordPress topics.
  • Blogging Tips – although the amount is not specified, this blog about blogging hires regular writers from its guest posting pool and freelance writers.
  • ReveNews – Have the opportunity to write for a AdAge 150 marketing blog that focuses on B2B topics (thanks @growmap)

There are also many more paid writing opportunities listed on write for us pages and writing markets paying $100 or more.

Job Boards

Looking for more opportunities? Don’t forget the job boards! Look for paid blogging opportunities on sites like ProBlogger, Freelance Switch, Blogger Jobs, oDesk, and many more that offer jobs for writers and freelancers.

It’s Not All About the Money

Remember, you need opportunities to fill up your portfolio (unless your blog alone stands as a popular authority on a topic). So if you get requests to right on well known, authority sites that will boost your reputation, be sure to take them as they will make you more likely to be accepted as a paid writer on other sites.

Your Guest Blogging Experiences

Have you been offered a chance to become a paid writer on a site, or have been paid for guest posts submitted on the above listed or other blogs? Share your advise for other bloggers and freelance writers looking to make money through guest blogging.