There are some internet marketers out there who work exclusively on campaigns they feel passionately about. Those lucky few generally have no lack of ideas and no problem churning out oodles of quality content on command.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we occasionally have to write for topics or industries that are, to put it bluntly, boring. You (like me) may find it difficult to turn keywords like “industrial office supplies” or “toaster ovens” into engaging 600-word-or-so blog posts. The task is often made more complicated by time constraints that allow little time for thorough research.

Here are four tips that have helped me turn “boring” into “brilliant” (or, at least, “not sleep-inducing”):

1. Find a Way to Interest Yourself

Figure out some way to relate your boring subject to something you are interested in. On the topic of toaster ovens, for example, why not write a blog post about unusual ways to use an oven? What can you do with it besides, well, toasting things? Even if you don’t have that much creative freedom, you could write about “green” ovens—what can someone do to use their oven at maximum efficiency with minimal effect on the environment?

Granted, this technique might take a little forethought and is sometimes easier said than done, but if you can make a connection with the thing you are writing about, you’re almost guaranteed to write a more passionate, and thus a more interesting, article.

2. Ask (And Answer) a Question

Sometimes you are asked to write about a subject that you know little about. In this case, I find that I can usually write a good article by answering questions that I, myself, may have about the subject. What does it do? How is it used? What is the market? Other times as I answer these basic questions, new, more complex ones spring up. Chances are if you have a question about something, others will too, and you’ll be able to write an interesting post with a strong call to action. 

3. Write a Killer Headline

Sometimes all you need to send you in the right direction for an article is a great title. Look at examples of strong marketing headlines. Pay attention to what titles entice you to click. Look at whether you can modify any of these headlines to fit your topic. What about “5 Essential Industrial Office Supplies” or “Industrial Office Supplies that Can Save Your Life” (whether that’s a literal or figurative “saving” is up to you).

With these headlines typed boldly at the top of your page, you now have a framework from which you can write an attention-grabbing article.

4.  Tell a Story

Turn your article into a story. Maybe not literally (though if you can find a related narrative about how someone actually did use a toaster oven to build a robot, that’s great, too), but if you can find a way to connect the dots for people and tell them a story about an otherwise boring subject, you’ll turn an everyday article into something that people can’t help but read.

The next time you find yourself needing an article about a less-than-riveting industry try some of these ideas to make your task a little easier.