Article marketing is a great way to promote your blog. Many people might think, article marketing is dead or “old”, but the fact it, it’s not. It works, and it works very well.

Basically, you submit an article to the article directories. Once approved, your article will be published in the directory, giving you a backlink and sending you plenty of visitors. Here’s a more thorough explanation of article marketing.

1. Backlinks

The first benefit of article marketing is backlinks. Search engines love the article directories. Most of them have a high PR. has a PR of 6.

Links from these high quality directories can help push your websites to the top of the search engines.

In addition to the links from your articles in the directory, you will also be getting backlinks from reprints of your articles. Other webmasters might stumble upon (what a pun) your articles and they might republish it on their own blog/website/E-zine. Which can get you even more backlinks, and help your website rise above the competition in the search engines.

2. Creditability

Article marketing is also a great way to establish your creditability and your status as an expert in your niche. Show the readers you know what you are talking about through your articles. People are more likely to buy from whom they trust, and article marketing is definitely a great way to build up this trust.

If you have a blog that teaches someone how to do something (like StayOnSearch teaches people how to SEO) then you definitely want to establish your authority over your niche through article marketing.

3. Free Traffic

Perhaps the most important benefit of article marketing is traffic. You can receive a lot of traffic from article marketing alone, free of charge.

Other forms of traffic like PayPerClick, SEO, Banner advertisements all cost money. But article marketing is probably the only way to generate a lot of targeted traffic, completely free of charge.

EzineArticles alone has millions of visitors a month and your blog would be tapping into it for unlimited amounts of free traffic.

Who doesn’t need traffic?

4. Targeted Traffic

The traffic sent from your articles is also highly targeted. The readers have already shown interest in your topic by reading your article and clicking on your link. Which means they will be more willing to buy, or opt-in to your newsletter, as long as it is related to the article.

This means, article marketing will give you a much higher conversion rate than other sources of traffic.

5. Autopilot

Did I mention that all this is done completely on autopilot?

Once your article gets published, and you have done a little bit of promotion (like social bookmarking), you are done! There is no more work for you to do. Visitors will be constantly flowing in to your website, through your articles, 24/7.

Article marketing is the only form of online advertising where it’s completely hands off. Publish an article once, and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

So these are only some of the benefits you get from article marketing. As you can see, article marketing is truly a powerful way of free online advertisement online, which you can use for your own blog. If you are not already using article marketing for your blog, then I highly recommend for you to give it a shot.

What do you think? Do you use article marketing? Have you found article marketing to be effective? What difficulties do you have when doing article marketing?