Article marketing is one of the most powerful tactics to enhance your site’s visibility in search engines, get traffic, create brand awareness, acquire backlinks and build expertise in a niche market.

But your article marketing efforts can bear fruit only when you devote adequate time to create articles which are engaging, unique and problem-solving.

All depends on whether you have the ability to come up with interesting topics to write on. Many companies have tried article marketing strategy, but they have failed. There are some who have success stories to share.

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Did I mention you need great ideas to produce awesome articles?

Well, let’s have a look at some of the key tips which you can use to create compelling articles and lead your article marketing efforts to success.

Answer Product or Service Related Questions

If you are an active listener, you can pay some serious attention to the questions that your customers have about your company’s products and services. Collect those questions and consider writing your articles providing answers to them.

Analyze Popular Headlines

I can tell you this is an effective approach towards finding some excellent ideas for writing articles that engage your audience. Search for some of the most popular headlines in your niche market. If you scan them appropriately, you will be able to come up with some hot topics to write on.

Read Popular Blogs in Your Niche

Subscribe to some of the most popular blogs or websites in your niche. Find out what’s hot on those blogs. Those blogs are popular because they feature articles that strike the right chord with the target audience.

Find out what topics popular bloggers in your niche choose to write on. Most importantly, check out the style of presentation. How you write matters most than what you write.

Do Some Keyword Research

Keyword research is yet another great tactic to find more article writing ideas. Enter a keyword on a keyword research tool and have a look at the related search keyword phrases. This can immediately help you come up with ideas that you’ll find compelling enough to elaborate on.

Article marketing can bring you plenty of benefits, if you have the ability to find unique ideas and then framing your articles around them. If you want targeted traffic for your website or blog, article marketing is one of the best strategies you can consider. Without devoting the time great article writing requires, your marketing efforts will never be able to see the dawn of the day.

I would really appreciate if you bother to share your own views and tips on how to get great ideas for article writing. The comment section is all yours to use. Let’s talk about it a bit more.