I have learned so much from blogging. Although, as a young blogger, there are several hassles I encountered especially in the area of driving free traffic. Every blogger and internet marketer must pass through their own time of dryness.

I call this “the wilderness experience.” It’s a time when nothing seems to be working. You’ve implemented everything but yet, your subscription box is lying fallow. What’s happening?

Sounds similar to your experience Huh? But do you know you can trounce this unhealthy feeling, and become the best blogger you’ve always wanted to be – well, in this jaw-dropping post, I unveil some blogging habits that takes you to the next level in your adventure.

They are simple and comes in no order. So, here’s what you have to do.

Read. Understand. Implement

1. Decide To Think And Ask Questions
Thinking is a good habit. I like to take both together because they deal intensely with the emotional sequences of your life. As a blogger, you should schedule your time, in so a way that you set “thinking and asking” time as a priority. You may not understand what this would mean to your success, but it’s SO VITAL. Please do not regard thinking with worrying. Both are entirely different things.

Thinking constructively exposes answers that are within you. In fact, 80% of what you need to become a better you, is already inside of you. This sounds like motivational expose-e but that’s the truth.

You don’t have to travel miles to discover how awesome your abilities are.  Worrying takes away your innate potentials and cause you to complain. Don’t give a place to worrying – replace with thoughtful questions and your life would become brand new.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • – What is blogging?
  • – I’m I solving people’s problems?
  • – Why should people visit my blog anyway?
  • – Why is my traffic not growing?

I dare you to think about these emotional questions, as it applies and affects your blogging life. You would discover amazing ways to get through them – that’s the first approach to building and sticking with productive habits.

2. Stop Chasing The Wind (Worthless Stuffs)
The wind may have direction but you don’t know where it comes from. A lot of bloggers are pursuing the wind, with the hope of hitting it big one day. Please can someone help me out here. “One day,” who invented it – I’m sure that word was coined by lazy people who takes delight in procrastination.

A lot of things would go wrong when you chase the wind. No, not the usual wind, I mean when you neglect the real things that matters to your online business.

One major way bloggers chase the wind is Social networking. We all believe you must have a facebook page and network with twitter. If you look at this critically, social media marketing takes some guts before anyone can succeed with it. One of my student complained to me about a week ago, that his niche blog is not bringing traffic.

After auditing his blog and the unique entertaining content he wrote, I discovered he has been wasting his time on twitter. I’m not saying they are worthless in totality – what I’m saying is that if you’re not getting results from your network of friends on these sites, QUIT and FOCUS on your primary site where you have 100% control. It’s a priceless blogging habit that makes for success.

3. Become A Guest Posting Maniac
Guest posting is one traffic generation method that has no rivals. I have tried several way methods to get free targeted traffic to my blog, but guest posting beats all the strategies hands down. I don’t know about you, but you should develop this habit. It’s allowed to get stuck in it. Content is king but marketing is the queen. If you can take care of your queen, the big contract could still be won.

As I mentioned earlier, if all you do everyday is to write guest post, you will go places and become popular. I landed my first search engine optimization deal that is now paying my bills, as a result of guest posting. Please forgive me if I’m exalting this method. I don’t waste time on traditional article marketing, forum posting and all those rubbish. You have the best traffic system within you. Get lost in this habit and you’ll become popular and rich in your own way.

4. Content Is Still King
Quality content is still the best meal of Google spiders and the recent panda that was conceived. You should develop this habit of churning out informative and unique content at all times. It’s a personal decision to make – when quality becomes your watchword, even the guest post you write is going to reflect your stand.

We all know what happened after the recent Google updates. Several web 2.0 popular sites lost their pagerank and suffered real good. What happened? They adulterated their quality and Google had to infuse them. Don’t let that happen to you. Growing a blog is much more easier, when you concentrate all your energy and enthusiasm in writing quality content.

Since 2010 when I made this decision to always publish original content, I disposed all my article spinning tools and the results have been “HEAVENLY.” My niche sites are performing well with good positions on search engines. No, it’s not all about writing articles everyday, I write once a week but I take my time to make it phenomenal. Will you?

5. Just Take Action
Action takers are achievers. Until you take that bold step, nothing changes. But you have got to make up your mind from the inside first. It’s your inside that controls your outside. It’s pretty difficult to practice what you just read, if your inner spirit is still sleeping and snoring.

Even though what you’ve learnt today isn’t clear, as you wanted it – just take action. Sometimes, we need to put our foot forward before a call is made. Life is in stages and the more action you take, the greater your chances of reaching your goals long before your competitors.

What’s the thumb secret? Everyone can talk, everyone can research, everyone can watch but only a few are willing to TAKE ACTION. Remember, with that good idea in your head, nothing is going to change. Your blog would still be dormant, making you $0.00 every single month. Take action and develop these habits – it pays great dividends.

All in all, I want to hear from you. Share your frank comment and don’t forget to add your own blogging habits if I forgot to highlight it.

image source: bp.blogspot