Every blogger is fighting a constant battle to gain ground in the blogosphere. Though there are more than one hundred million blogs (in the English language) on the internet, not each of them will leave their mark. Just because you have excellent writing skills doesn’t mean blogging is for you.

In order to achieve blogging success, you need to identify yourself as a blogger (what you will blog about), find out where your target audience is located and cater to their requirements.

Many bloggers try to learn from their own mistakes while others employ some of the best blogging practices to achieve success. You might have followed multiple tips to grow your blog, attract plenty of traffic and make money online. What follows are five blogging tips you may not have tried yet. Read on to be sure.

#1. Blog About What You Know (Not What You Love)
Certain topics or niches might fascinate you a lot. Successful blogging is not writing about something you love or feel fascinated about. You become a better blogger by how much expertise you possess on a subject. Before you choose to blog on a specific subject, make sure ‘you have been there and done that’.

#2. Link to High Quality Blogs
Linking earns you respect from readers only when you link to high quality blogs. Even from search engine algorithmic point of view, it is crucial to link to blogs deemed as an authority on the internet. While it’s important to show how much you know, it is also essential to show who you know.

Whether you want to gain the trust of your target audience, earn their respect or enhance the SEO of your blog, linking to high quality blogs is one of the key blogging tips to obtain success.

#3. Blogging Doesn’t Have to Be Just Text
Blogging is all about creating an emotional attachment with your readers. It’s a powerful communication tool. You need to experiment with new mediums of blogging, as it’s not just about producing text. Podcasting and video blogging are some of cutting-edge communication tools you can use to blog.

#4. Display the Number of Subscribers
No matter which blogging platform you use, it’s always a good idea to display the total number of your subscribers to impress your readers. Initially when you have just a handful of subscribers, you may not want to show it. But as soon as you reach 200 or 300 subscribers, you should insert some JavaScript (anywhere on your site) to attract more people for subscribing to your newsletter.

#5. Hold a Blog Contest
One of the most effective tips to increase blog traffic is to hold some kind of contest on your blog. If a contest allows users to win freebies, your blog can immediately create a buzz. In fact, such contests promote a sense of community around your blog.

Visit other niche blogs to get an idea about how you can run a contest on your own blog. While running a blog contest, you should also prepare yourself to devote the time and energy its promotion requires.

Well, I hope you really try these blogging tips if you haven’t tried them yet. Also feel free to share any additional tips that you think can help bloggers establish their expertise, earn respect from readers and increase blog traffic.