As a blog owner, you should know that the successful headline will increase readership rapidly for your blog, which should be eye-catching first, then grab the attention of these prospective readers. Headline, as the first impression of your article, needs to describe your content in an objective and attractive way.

The titles of all your blog posts should tell potential readers what the article will discuss, and give the readers a reason why they are interested in your posting. As a reader, no one prefers to waste time reading something that doesn’t interest them. So you need to create an eye-catching headline and decide that the article is worthy of their precious time.

1. Choose a Popular Topic

If you want to make your blog successful, you need more readers for your blog. There is so much information on internet, and people don’t have time to read all these words, so they just choose some popular news to read. You need to choose a topic that the most people know about it, and then you will get as many as possible readers from this popular topic. Most effective and simple method is keeping close with current social events. For example, today is July 26, 2012, approaching to London Summer Olympics 2012, if you write something about Olympic Game 2012, you will easily get a lot of readers.

2. Use Numbers in Title

For no reason, people are more interested in headlines with numbers. For example, “5 Secrets to Write Eye-catching Headlines for Your Blog” is more popular than “Secrets to Write Eye-catching Headlines for Your Blog”. But there is no scientific research proving what number works best. At the most, people use 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10. You should spend some time to design this number according to your content.

3. Use Special Nouns

If you are willing to form your article in a list post, you should use at least one unique noun. These nouns refer to Secrets, Tips, Reasons, Facts, Lessons, Ideas, and Tricks, etc. Words like that will catch people’s attention.

4. Use “How” to Grab Reader’s Attention

During people’s daily life, no matter at work or at home, people spend the most time to solve various problems.
For example:
How to Create Catchy Headlines for Blog
How to Celebrate the 1st Birthday for Child
How to Choose a Suitable Wedding Dress
All of these really exist in daily life, so these kinds of headlines will be very popular.

5. Use “Why” to Attract Readers to Read the Article

This kind of title belongs to call-to-action headline. “Why” gives prospective readers a reason to read your writing. Meanwhile, they can recognize why they need to read your article.
Two examples:
Why SEO will Help You Get Readers for Your New Blog?
Why You Need to Create Eye-catching Headline for Your Blog?

There are 50 compelling headlines for your blog. If it is difficult for you to create your own catchy headlines, you can have a look at these which will give you some inspiration.

No one wants to read something boring. You need to create some catchy content in your blog, first of all, you need to write eye-catching headline. All of the above 5 Tips will give you great help in creating promising headline for your blog. Of course, just eye-catching headline is not enough to for your blog popularity, so you need pay attention to some other secrets.