When it comes to building directory links, there are two possible goals. The first is to get a link on a directory with high Google Authority and PageRank. The second is to get a link on a directory with lots of traffic. The following tips will help you achieve your goals when it comes to directory link building.

How to Find Top Notch Directories

If you are looking for directories based on Google PageRank alone, you can look at sites like Directory Critic that allow you to sort free, paid, and reciprocal link directories by PR. This site also includes niche directory lists, directories that allow deep links, and more.

If you are looking for directories with high PR AND traffic, then your best bet is the newly updated version of the Link Builder’s Toolkit. It has a list of over 300 directories that are PR 3 and above with their Alexa ranking.

Since it is in spreadsheet format, you can filter the columns to show the directories with the highest PR and then sort by lowest Alexa rank to see which ones get the most traffic. It also includes 10 search queries that you can use to find directories based on keywords.

Finding the Highest Ranked Directory Categories

What if you want to get your listing on not just a high PR directory, but on a high PR category within that directory? Using SEO Quake for Firefox, you can do a search in Google for www.directory.com site:www.directory.com and then sort the results based on PR. This will show you the categories with the highest PR.

If you can’t submit to top-tier categories, you can search the sub-categories within a top-tier using a query like www.directory.com/category site:www.directory.com/category to see which sub categories have the highest PR so you know which ones to submit to.

Your Directory Link Building Strategy

Do you build links using directories? What tips would you like to share with others on finding quality directories?