Blogs have become the communication tool of the next generation. They no longer need to spend a lot of money if they want to communicate with the masses. They are well equipped with the tools in their PC. While this is true, it also has its own share of side effects. The side effects include the fact that media is exploding. It is more difficult to find something on the internet even with the help of Google than it was to find something in the middle of a few newspapers 50 years back. Amidst this chaos, there lies an unprecedented opportunity for your business. The increasing number of eyeballs can be well harnesses with a clearly defined and well executed blog marketing strategy. Here are some tips for the same:

Keyword Research

‘What’s in a name?’ said Shakespeare. Well, he didn’t know Google was on its way. If the keywords used in your content do not match exactly the same used by the users, your article is going to be lost in transit i.e. it will never really reach them. Hence ensure that you carefully study your keywords and phrases with respect to two things. Firstly are they used by a good chunk of customers and secondly are they ignored by the competitors.

Attractive Title

Once you have the correct keyword, it is essential that you make an attractive title out of it. This will get the users to read your articles in the first place. When they see it on Google, they don’t see the article but the title. A well written article behind a lame title is a strict no-no because it is a wastage of both effort as well as domain space on the web.

Great Start

The first few seconds that the user spends reading your article are crucial. This is when they are making an assessment of your expertise and whether they should even be listening to you for any advice. Hence ensure that the start of your blog is power packed. It should contain certain facts or analysis that is likely to rattle the user. This convinces them that you are an expert and then they are in a mood to listen to more.


Back it up with content that is logical and make sense. It is important to realize that you can’t always be exciting. Some parts of your content will be mundane but that should be okay if that is informative and does not make your article, one amongst the hundreds that already exist.


Lastly ensure that you take a stand which is in the middle. People like to hear both point of views before they make a decision. Emphasize on the positive aspects of your product and downplay the negative but represent both sides. This also creates a scenario where users start arguing with each other. This brings more clicks and traffic from both types of people who are for it as well as against it.