Content driven marketing as it seems has caught the imagination of the marketers as Google has rubbished almost all the traditional linking building methodologies. In fact, it is now being treated as a crucial tool for social media marketing as well. But since most of them have no fair idea how to promote their content via different mediums, what they do is to submit the content and forget all about it. But the very concept of content driven marketing goes against this. You need to get involved otherwise all your marketing will kiss the dust sooner or later. However, this is not the only sin committed by majority of marketers, there are other sins too that can cripple your marketing campaign from making it big.

Before before I go into the different sins of content marketing, lets check out this survey done of what the biggest content marketing challenges are.

5 Tips on Content Marketing

Do not get Mad: Since promotion on social media takes less time and it is extremely cost effective, marketing professionals are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional SEO techniques. The greed to get more from social media campaigns drive many marketers crazy and they go on submitting almost anything that come their way, be it interesting or boring, into different social media platform in the hope of driving more traffic to their websites. But this is sheer wastage of time and effort.

Stay committed: Do you know what makes the difference between a good marketer and a bad marketer? It is just the commitment. Good marketer works hard to end and he never rests until he attains success, whereas a bad marketer takes things for granted and looks for short cut all the time. But believe me, there is no shortcut to success. You have to write different content for different social media websites and you need to have different marketing strategies if you are to see success at the end.

Do not be Angry: Since the concept of content driven marketing is still in its development stages, you might end up seeing the same rivals promoting their content on all networks. Now, do not get angry at the sight of this. You need to stay calm and never ever try to mock or defame others because if you do so, they will also follow the same path and your online reputation will go busted. Hate only begets hate. Love all and you will be loved by all.

Do Not be jealous: Do not be jealous at the success of others. Think this way – people are successful just because they have worked hard and the only way you can see success is by working honestly. The bottom-line is that unless you have great content, there is very little chance of making it big in the content driven marketing campaign. Another thing, you should not use content of others and promote it as your own, it will just be a clear case of marketing suicide.

Do Not be over Confident: If you think the quality of your content is great, this is good for your company and your marketing mix but there is no need to brag. Mortal people, as we are, we can’t help but boast at the slightest sign of doing better than the others. We try to undermine the quality of others and this is where downfall begins. We should stop bragging rather we should takes the gloves off and get ready for making further improvement on the quality. Think like Jobs and not like people standing next to you working 9 to 5 job.

Do Not Be Disappointed:
Marketing of content is time consuming and sometimes it takes month to get the results. So, you should not get disappointed if you do not see any sign of success at the initial stage. Stick to what you are doing and you content driven marketing campaign will be able to tap the elusive success at the end.