There’s no doubt that a website hoping to do business has to invest in and have some knowledge of online marketing if they expect to be successful. The sheer amount of information going live on the internet every moment can mean that despite authenticity and quality, not taking advantage of online marketing can bury your website in obscurity when it can be making money.

Internet marketing is a broad term that branches off into various methods based on what aspect, design, advertising, sales or content, it focuses on.

More for Less

In terms of the customer reach it can achieve, internet marketing is cost-efficient. For instance, the most straightforward strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves advertising by placing banners on third party websites or paying for placement in search engine results or contextual advertising. Though paid for, it works out to be a fraction of conventional advertisements.

Search Engines Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is arguably the most popular of internet marketing methods that requires studying Search Engine Result Page (SERP), how search engines work and how and what users search for. This information is then used to boost the website’s visibility. It differs from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) significantly as the focus is on enhancing visibility on “natural” search results.

Email Marketing

Sending emails as a marketing strategy is second to search engine marketing as the most effective method. Especially if customers opt in to the service, then businesses that send out emails find that the results are quite beneficial. It’s possible to track and gain high return on investment as most customers that receive and check personalised emails sent to them with product information or new promotions are likely to respond.

Social Media Marketing

Another method to make websites more visible is through Social Media Optimisation (SMO). A company’s reputation facilitates popularity, especially online and SMO is the online equivalent of good word-of-mouth. SMO is promotion through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and is user driven. Increased interaction with customers also provides better insight into customer opinions and improves communication.

Generating Content

Content generation operates, to an extent, on the principles of Inbound Marketing, where the website is “found” by the users. Content on websites can be information on the product, interesting articles and news related to the product that draws customers. It fosters interactivity, especially if it’s a blog, thus making links more important, particularly in the case of Google’s algorithms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing works on the basis of commissions for websites that refer customers to the business. It tends to overlap a few other marketing strategies as websites that affiliate in turn use the same methods of SEO and social media optimization.

There are quite a few factors that go into deciding what online marketing strategy is suitable or workable for a business, the most important of which is the business model of your business. What works for other website may not work for yours, so looking at similar websites and experimenting to study the results of different strategies would be a smart start to implementing online marketing for your website.