Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

Death to the Old SEO Methods

There is a prevailing theme often heard in Internet Marketing that Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is DEAD.  Any number of reasons can be attributed to this idea, and there are many more articles where the author creatively wishes SEO to Rest in Peace. However, this article will take a slightly different approach.

SEO is still alive and stronger than ever. This is especially true with SMBs (small to medium businesses) with cost conscious marketing budgets because even a small budget can go a very long way. However, with the rise of Web 2.0 in the last decade, Internet Marketing methods have had to evolve as well.

People hate Interruption Marketing

Remember the days of Pop-Ups? Turns out people did not like constantly having a million windows pop-up on their screen, especially when they were for products that they had no interest in purchasing (you know what I mean). With the evolution of more precise algorithms on search engines like Google and Bing the need arose for more effective specialization in Internet Marketing, and this specialization gave birth to Search Engine Optimization. This effectively brought the death of Interruption Marketing, and now what you see matches to what you want.

 Google Panda

If you ask me from the SEO point-of-view, “What was the biggest highlight of 2011 by Google,” I would have to say it was the Panda update. The major aim of this update was to improve the quality standards of SERP (search engine results page). The purpose was to improve the rankings of quality searches would out rank and thin out low quality content. This would then put a significant emphasize back on to the content of every site, and how users share you content. The Panda update once again set creative, unique and informative content as its foundation to quality standards for SERPs.

Social Media on SERPs

Google’s social media presence, Google+, is the web’s fastest growing social network with over 90 million users. This has been most notable on the +1 of Google’s Adwords campaigns. Now friends are able to +1 all ads that appear on the Google Display Network. The bottom line, Google cares what others in your network are saying (they even starting indexing comments on Facebook), and the initial data is showing the Google+ is having a positive impact on SERP results. Therefore it is crucial to have as part of your social media and SEO strategies.

These are only some of the impacts to SEO with the evolution of Internet Marketing. If you think SEO is dead, maybe you want to consider your best practices in your strategies. SEO is no longer just link building with good content, but great content partnered with link engineers. The Internet is constantly changing, and as such your SEO strategies must be able to adapt to the new landscape.

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