Without measuring your progress, you can never ensure whether your marketing efforts are headed in the right direction, right? A wonderful micro-blogging service, Twitter happens to be a powerful tool to promote your brand, products or services on the internet. And these days, everyone seems to be busy tweeting! To measure whether you are making the most of this social media marketing tool, you should have a couple of useful analytics tools at hand.

To help you measure how successful you have been in your marketing campaign, I tried to test and put together some of the handiest stats and analytics tools that can measure your Twitter account’s ‘popularity’, ‘effectiveness’, ‘impact’, ‘score’, ‘influence’ etc.

Even if it’s not a product or a service that you are promoting on Twitter, you might just be interested in finding out how popular or influential you are as an individual on this social networking platform. So, let’s have a look at some of the most useful Twitter analytics tools.

TweetStatsGraph Your Twitter Stats
If you want a graphical representation of useful information like how active Twitterer a user is, number of tweets tweeted per hour everyday, top 10 people you sent a reply to and those people who retweeted your tweets, this tool can prove to be effective. The analytics tool claims to be in use by more than 100,000 Twitterers currently.

Twitalyzer Find Out Your Impact Score
What’s your Twitter Impact score – 16.3%, just 1.4% or 70.3%? Sorry, I can’t tell this. Only Twitalyzer will be able to discover what ‘impact’ you are making through your Twitter account. It takes just a couple of seconds for Twitalyzer to ‘Twitalyze’ your account and find out your ‘Impact Score’.

The analytics tool calculates your ‘Impact Score’ by taking into account the following factors:

Total number of followers
Total number of unique references and citations
The frequency of being uniquely retweeted
The frequency of uniquely retweeting
The relative frequency of posting updates

TweetEffectWhat’s Your Effect?
You can use this measuring tool to analyze how effective your tweets have been on your followers. The interesting part of using TweetEffect is that it can tell you which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. Just key in your Twitter user ID and the results summary (frequency of follower changes) is right before you. Interesting, huh?

TwitterCounterMore Detailed Twitter Statistics
This analytics tool provides you with Alexa-style information about your Twitter account. It’s an effective tool to do some strategic planning with your Twitter campaign. What’s unique in this tool is that it does not only provide you with detailed statistics of your own Twitter account, but it also allows you to compare it with your competitor’s growth.

TwitterGraderHow Influential are You?
The tool has been made available to find out how powerful your Twitter profile is, in comparison to millions of other users who have been graded. You will receive your instant grade and report as soon as you enter your Twitter username and hit ‘Grade’.

TwitterAnalyzer Analyze Your Way
With this tool, you can instantly measure stats like your account’s ‘Popularity’ (daily popularity rate), ‘Reach’ (daily reach rate), ‘Chats’ (daily chats volume), ‘Subjects’ (top subjects representation), ‘HashTags’ (top HashTags representation), ‘Followers Growth Rate’, ‘Followers Activity’ and much more.

MyRealTwitterScoreKnow Your Twitter Score
After you have begun using this measurement tool, you won’t ask what FB and TS stand for. Your Twitter score on this tool will inform you about the probability of a user following you back. With this tool, you will be able to find out the actual social capital value of your Twitter account. ‘My Follower Timeline’ graph shows you the growth of your followers. You can also access the ‘Detailed Visitor Statistics’ by signing in with your Twitter user ID and password.

Twitaholic Track the Most Popular Users
With this tool, you can track the top ranked Twitter users in your area (click a specific location on the homepage to see them). The service provides you with the list of Top 100, Top 200, Top 300, Top 400, Top 500, Top 600, Top 700, Top 800, Top 900 and Top 1000 Twitterholics based on the total number of followers they have. In addition, you can also check out the top ranking Twitter users based on the number of updates and the number of people they follow.

I tried to rank my Twitter account 3-4 times on Twitaholic, but it returned the following message over and again :

“We are ‘tweaking’ things here at Twitterholic. Please try back in a few. Thanks!”

TwitGraphStatistics on How You Use Twitter
Just key in your Twitter username in the box provided and hit ‘Go’. Soon, the site will evaluate your profile to return data in a pie chat format. The data includes the frequency of your tweets per day, top links, top words (along with the word count) and top @s used while posting updates.

TweetmemeHottest Links on Twitter
This online service helps you find out popular links on Twitter by aggregating them altogether. The large number of aggregated links is not a problem, as Tweetmeme provides you with the option to filter links depending on your preferences.

TweetVolume See How Often Words or Phrases Appear on Twitter
At a time, you can enter three different words or phrases and find out how many times they have appeared on Twitter. This is a useful analytics tool to identify popular words and phrases, which further translates to identifying popular themes, brands and issues. The search term results are also easily shareable with others.

TweetValueHow Much is Your Twitter Profile Worth?
If you wish to find out the current value of your Twitter account in $, this is the tool to use. On its homepage are featured some of the top valued Twitter profiles. There are two sections of valued profiles that you can see – Top Today and Alltime. The Alltime section features 5 most valued accounts which include @BarackObama, @britneyspears,@ladygaga, @aplusk and @justinbieber.

Klout The Standard for Influence
The Klout and PeerIndex social media scores, which ranges from 0-100, measures your Twitter account’s overall online influence. The stats tool considers 25 variables to calculate True Reach (the size of engaged audience), Amplification Probablity (likelihood of your content being acted upon) and Network Score (influence level of your engaged audience).

Get Started with Tracking Your Twitter Stats Right Away!
What other Twitter analytics tools are you using? If you too have an excellent Twitter score or grade, please feel free to share it and let us know. It can be pretty interesting!