While I work for websites, one of the most important statistics that I keep my eyes on is the exit pages. Yes, it’s extremely important to know from which pages on a website or a blog people are exiting most. Exits from web pages can be both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

When it’s Positive
Exiting is common or positive after visitors have completed a conversion activity like signing up for your newsletter or buying one of your products. For example, exiting from the thank-you pages are positive, as visitors leave your website only after taking a specific action.

When it’s Negative
It is not always the case when people leave your website or blog after completing an action. They may also leave your webpage without completing a conversion activity. Now, this is negative. And when the number of exit pages on your site is too high, that means you have a higher bounce rate. This is major cause of worry. When users leave immediately from non-goal pages, you need to take some action to figure out what’s confusing visitors.

Why ‘Top Exit Pages’ is an Important Metric
There’s no doubt that website analytics tools like Google analytics do a great job by informing you about the top exit pages on your site, along with the bounce rate and the time spent on site by users. The exit page stats help website publishers to find out which pages on a specific website need more attention. Of course, web pages from which users leave most need some careful optimization to ensure visitors spend more time on your website or blog.

By optimizing your exit pages, you can immediately optimize your website for increasing the time spent on site and increasing the rate of conversion. Exit page optimization increases the overall value of your website and compels users to spend more time on the site.

Monetization Techniques
If you see that exit from some pages on your website is actually logical, the best idea to focus on monetizing the traffic that it receives. Thanks to the availability of options like Google AdSense, you can generate some extra cash from pages that have a high exit rate.

First of all, you need to prepare a list of all the high exit pages on your site. Next, you can start placing AdSense on those pages to earn extra cash. Putting AdSense on pages with high exit and bounce rates can be a good idea until it doesn’t impact the overall rate of conversion.

If the ads that you run on high rate exit pages are relevant, it can also add value to the content on your site. It gives you an opportunity to monetize the outgoing traffic that would already be leaving.

The best part of using AdSense is that they are not going to change the pattern of your business model. These ads in fact help you to generate cash by monetizing the traffic that are already exiting your site. Running these ads can immediately increase the overall revenue of your website.

Suggestions for Running Ads
The best piece of advice is to start with just a couple of exit pages. Once you are sure that placing ads on high exit rate pages doesn’t have a negative impact on your relevant traffic, you can place the ads on more pages and start earning good cash from the website.

Are you already running ads on your web pages? Does it impact the relevant traffic that your website receives? Please feel free to share your tips on how you are generating cash through AdSense without affecting your core users.