There is nothing like a year end round-up post that reminds you of what great accomplishments you have made in the realm of writing blog posts that have garnered a high volume of traffic, social engagement, and discussion. So without further ado, here are the top posts from Stay on Search in 2010 covering everything from search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

Posts with the Most Traffic

First of all, let’s start with the posts that brought in the most traffic in 2010, with information provided by Google Analytics.

100 Marketers You Must Follow on Twitter

Although there is murmur that lists may be going out of style, this post just proves that is just a nasty rumor. Lists are awesome, especially ones that bring together the best experts in online marketing, all in one place! If your New Year’s resolutions include becoming better at social media, SEO, blogging, or other aspects of Internet marketing, this post should be your first stop.

Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools and Engines

Need to do a little research to learn more about your niche or industry? Go beyond Google and find out what people are really talking about and sharing with the top 25 blog, forum, and social media search engines plus keyword tools. The best part is they are all free!

8 Greyhat Tactics SEO’s Are Using – Use At Your Own Discretion

No matter how much everyone in the SEO world would like to believe (or at least portray) that everything is moving towards an Internet where only the whitehat practices will prevail at the top of the rankings, it just isn’t so, and there is proof out there that you have to get your hands a little dirty to rank well in some niches. These eight tactics are on that borderline of being a little too naughty to admit to, but let’s face it – they’re working. Use at your own risk!

Twitter Analytics Tools

Want to know more about whether your Twitter strategy (or your competitors) is successful? Try out these 13 tools to measure influence, engagement, follower count, keywords, and more statistics about a particular Twitter user or trends on Twitter.

9 Professional Social Media Monitoring Tools

Need some more in-depth knowledge about your social media campaign? Go beyond the free tools with these nine premium tools that will put everything you need to know about your social networking strategy all in one place.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Bookmarking Content: Digg

Granted, Digg has changed quite a bit since this post was written, but this post stays timeless as it shows what types of content and topics fair well among Diggers. A good guide to know whether your niche or industry belongs and will reap the benefits of taking advantage of Digg.

How to Craft the Perfect Meta Tags

This post is simple, yet tells you everything you need to know about creating the best meta title and description for your website content. Want to know more? Get in-depth information about meta descriptions in this two part series: part one and part two.

7 Social Bookmarking Tools You Should Know About

Make your social bookmarking tasks much simpler with these seven tools and services that allow you to easily share across more than one social network or bookmarking site.

The Importance of Building a Natural Link Profile

Even though we did mention greyhat techniques, it is still important to remember to continue to build natural links as well. This post will remind you why as well as how to do so.

How to Find the Most Influential People on Twitter in Your Niche

Looking to build a large number of followers not only to boost your numbers, but to also hopefully boost your engagement as well? Learn how to find the most influential people in your niche to network with the thought leaders in your industry.

Posts with the Most Engagement

Sometimes, the posts that get the most traffic are not always the ones that get the most response. The following are posts that didn’t make the top 10 in traffic, but did make the highest in level of engagement between social sharing and comments, as determined by PostRank.

Get More Followers with the Official Retweet Button

I must admit, I was a die hard fan of the Tweetmeme button until I realized the additional feature that you can implement with Twitter’s official button. After someone tweets your post, you can recommend yourself and one other Twitter account to follow to the person who just tweeted. It’s a fantastic way to grow your following, as well as the following of guest posters, your company, or other partners.

5 Important Elements of a Sales Landing Page

If you are building landing pages, but not seeing a high level of success, then you might want to ensure that you have these five elements incorporated into them to increase your likelihood of conversions.

Tips for B2B Search Engine Marketing

Marketing to other businesses can be a bit different from marketing directly to consumers. Here are some great tips on making your B2B search marketing successful.

Appropriate Web Design to Maximize Conversions

Whether you have customized landing pages, a simple website, or a blog, chances are you are trying to convert your visitors into something, whether it is buying a product or simply subscribing to a RSS feed. Here are seven elements of your web page design you should experiment with to find the right combination to increase your conversions.

StayOnSearch Free Internet Marketing Course Launches Today

In case you missed it, and are looking to improve your Internet marketing skills, this is a great free ten week course where you will receive valuable information on everything you need to know to be successful in online marketing via social networks, link building, PPC, local search marketing, and more.

Your Favorites

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