Every great sales or lead generation landing page have certain similar characteristics to them.  Those characteristics lead to increases in sales, leads and overall conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at the different elements of a successful landing page.

1.  Enticing Offer

No matter how nice of a landing page you create, if your offer sucks, nobody will want to download/buy your product.  Make sure the offer says how it is a solution for the pain or problem your target audience has.  In the example below, this affiliate blogging e-book is geared towards bloggers and affiliate marketers who want to learn how to make money by blogging about affiliate products.  The particular goal of this page is to gather e-mail addresses, to then sell other products in the future.

2.  Bulleted List of Features/Benefits

When a visitor comes to your landing page, you have only a few seconds to capture their attention.  Usually once the reader sees your main headline, they will decide to keep reading or to leave.  If they decide to keep reading, you need to keep them interested by offering some features and benefits of what they product with offer them.  By using bullet points or a numbered list, it makes it easier to read and will draw the eye of the reader.

3.  Tangible Product Graphic

Specific to selling virtual products, you need to try to paint a picture to the buyer as to what is it they are buying.  Sometimes that can be hard since it’s not something they can touch.  That is why creating a graphic that represents a tangible product can help make it more real.  In the image below, this is a great example of an e-book that gives the buyer a sense of tangibility to the product.

4.  Appealing “Download/Buy Now” button

Sometimes just running an A/B test on your button can increase your conversion rate by 50%.  Make sure it is prominent and is draws the readers eye to the area.

5.  Quick Lead Gen Form

Don’t make the reader have to fill out a long form, just to download/purchase a product.  Make it as quick and painless as possible, adding only the MOST important fields.  If all you are trying to do is gather the users e-mail address, just have one field for them to enter.  If they are purchasing a product, try to integrate Paypal or Google Checkout to expedite the checkout process.

Use a call to action directly above or next to the area where they are going to enter their information.  This will give them another reason to give you their information.

6.  **Bonus: Video Introduction

Personally I don’t think you necessarily need to have a video introduction about your product, but it definitely can help.  Giving your reader another way to connect with the website or person selling the product, makes them feel more comfortable moving forward with giving their information or purchasing the product.