With the roll out of the new Facebook profiles, some of you may have noticed that the links at the top of your profile for your employer, blogs, school, etc. are pointing to newly developed pages and not the official pages related to each entity. For example, when I first hovered over the company I worked for, I saw the following…

Generic Fan Page on Facebook

Here’s what you need to do to change it so that people will go to the right pages for the right listings on your profile.

First of all, make sure a fan page exists for your company, blog, or other organization you want to list and that you have fanned it by clicking the “Like” button. If there isn’t one, you might want to consider the benefits of creating one. Even if you just work on your own as a motivational or business speaker, you could get great results from a customized fan page.

Next, go to Edit Profile, and go to the Education and Work section. Delete your employer(s) and re-add them. You should then see the fan page’s logo / profile pic next to the information. Note that it may not come up in the dropdown like when you tag pages in a status update, but it usually works if you just hit enter.

Edit Facebook Profile

This should, in turn, put the link to the top employer you listed at the top of your new profile layout. Anyone who clicks on it will be taken to the official fan page.

New Facebook Profile

Note that if you don’t want to list your company, you can easily just list your blog as a company that you work for, with that top link going to your blog’s fan page instead.

Also, here’s a video guide by Tia Singh of Your Life Your Way who walks you through the process. Enjoy!