Whether you are planning the launch of a new product or want to create awareness about an existing brand, Facebook fan pages can bring you amazing results. It’s an excellent idea to build a killer Facebook page for your brand and make it a favorite place for your fans to hang out. But is that all? If you have a brand page on this social media website, you should also be aware whether you efforts are brining you the maximum benefits.

Since brand promotion takes a lot of energy and effort, it is crucial to track the performance of your brand page. Given below are the key metrics that you can use to track how your fan page is performing.

Tab Views

In order to engage your fans more and more, brands create custom tabs on their fan pages. When you fans arrive on your page, they will see the custom tabs that you have created. Therefore, tracking the tab views is an important metric to figure out whether your fans are actually seeing your custom content. You can compare the number of people visiting your fan page with those who are viewing your custom tab content to get a clear picture.

User Engagement or Interaction

One of the most important metrics to track your brand page’s performance is to track the degree of engagement from users. You know that users are visiting your fan page. But what you actually need to track is whether they are taking an action while viewing you custom content. If you have uploaded a product video, are your fans clicking to view it? So, engagement is the action that the visitor takes while going through your custom content.


It’s great if you have a fan page for your brand. While using a Facebook page, however, you should make sure that it doesn’t prove to be a dead end for users. If your page is built in a way that engages fans and compels them to want to know more, you can increase the clickthrough rate to your website. A higher clickthrough rate indicates that users are interested to know more about your product.

Content Shares

You can achieve social media marketing success, if you can get your fans to share your posted content. You can imagine the viral potential of getting your content shared through News Feed. That’s why content shares is one of the most useful metrics to measure the success of your Facebook page.

Do you have a fan page for your brand on Facebook? What techniques do you use to track user engagement? Please feel free to share your views, thoughts and tips about how brands can successfully measure the success rate of their Facebook pages.