“Likes”, “Connections”, “Followers” – we are living in the age of social media. Brands can never imagine growing without an ever-increasing number of social followers. And on top of that, you need to have quality followers. So, how do you get quality social followers for your company? Well, the first step is to understand the digital culture of the social media platform that you use to promote your brand, services or products. For example, each of the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (among others) has their own unique cultural norms depending on the kind of technology they use and user features they offer.

Below, we will discuss about the digital culture that Facebook is. If you want to make the most of your Facebook marketing strategy, it is essential to gain a deep insight into how you can successfully embrace connections with consumers by providing them a positive experience with your company.

Facebook is not like Twitter
While using Twitter, you can share shortened links and quick updates, that can go viral in an instant. On the other hand, Facebook offers you plenty of space in terms of content sharing. Facebook can help brands create a positive motivational influence by giving them the opportunity to share with people full and dynamic content. Twitter helps brands use byte-size chunks as jump-off points for other places.

Though the usefulness of Twitter can never be underestimated, Facebook is a platform where you need to interact on a more personal level if you are looking to embrace connections. Twitter is quite easy to navigate and update while Facebook asks for a bigger investment of time if you really want to make the most of your social media marketing through this platform. Twitter offers you limited functionality while Facebook comes along with application mashup, emails, image/video sharing, instant messaging, gift giving etc.

The point is that both Facebook and Twitter have their own digital cultures. If you follow a similar behavioral pattern on both of these social media sites, it means you still need to understand them on an individual level.

Buying ‘Likes’ on Facebook Won’t Help
So, you just created a Facebook page for your company and now you have made up your mind to buy a large amount of ‘Likes’, because you think it will bring you overnight recognition. Beware! Vendors are never going to provide you with ‘quality’ and ‘targeted’ Likes. So, before you rush into a decision of buying Facebook ‘Likes’ you really need to think again, carefully and intelligently.

Be Aware of the Tolerance Level
Depending on the type of digital culture it belongs to, every social media website has its own tolerance level. To build a great rapport with your audience, you need to match up to their tolerance level. That means you should really mind the frequency of updates you share and messages that you send to people on Facebook. Certainly, it wouldn’t be wise for a brand to post updates ten times a day on Facebook like they would otherwise do on Twitter.

Pay Attention to Consumers’ Sentiments
Of course, your consumers have the ability to articulate their sentiments. And if you are ready to pay attention, it can lead to meaningful action. It is really a matter of regret that most of the brands engaged in Facebook marketing are not even close to doing this. It’s about time they really understood the digital culture of this social media platform and revised their online marketing strategy.

Use Apps to Focus on Customer Service
To respond to customer inquiries in a better way, brands need to use apps on Facebook. Using relevant apps will help you engage your audience and let them have a wonderful positive experience with your company.

When you really understand the digital culture of different social media platforms, you will be able to match specific requirements with the right platform. By adhering to the cultural norms of a particular social media platform, you will be able to embrace connections rather than distance them. Once you have gained a good understanding of the digital culture, you can establish worthy presences in each network that you use.