Have you ever wondered how much your site or blog is worth?  Well there are a number of website valuation tools out there that can help give you an estimate as to what you could sell your site for.  Of course these numbers are not going to be 100% accurate because you need to take into consideration a number of factors like monthly ad revenue, partnerships, client base (for freelancers, agencies), industry credibility, and overall brand recognition.

Valuation Factors Considered

When a website is valued there are a number of factors that go into it.  All of the tools mentioned do not necessarily consider ALL of these factors, but they should still be considered when valuating a website/blog.

  • Daily Traffic
  • Daily Pageviews (more relevant for blogs)
  • PageRank/Alexa Rank/Complete Rank
  • Pages Indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Inbound Links
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Directory Inclusion
  • Domain Age

When doing research it is important to gather estimates from a number of sources, to give you a more accurate website valuation.

Just for fun, we will use The New York Times as an example.

Website Valuation Tools




Website Outlook

Of course not every website is going to be work $45m, but you can see how each of these tools vary in price and what factors they look at.  I can’t say enough, that you should only use these tools as rough estimates and not a solid price to sell your site/blog at.

Where To Sell Your Website

Once you have determined what you would like to get for your site/blog, it is time to find someone to buy.  Of course, if you know someone personally that may be interested, it would be worthwhile to ask them first.  This way you can cut out the middle man and not have to pay commissions.  However if you do not know of anyone interested in buying your domain, there are a number of online marketplaces that will let you submit your domain for sale.  Each site is different, some letting you put a price suggested and others are more auction-based.

Website Broker

You can also try a number of forums out there like Digital Points, Buy, Sell or Trade Domains section, the Search Engine Forums I want to Sell My Website section, Webmaster Talk’s Websites for Sale section, dnForums Developed Websites for Sale section and iWebTools Domain Discussion section.

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