Google is making some news today at the Google Search Event, with the launch of real-time search and Google Goggles.  As we all know users are needing information faster than ever before.  With blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allowing people to publish content easier, it was only a matter of time until Google started showing real-time content in their search results.

With Google announcing new partnerships with Facebook and Myspace, to compliment the existing partnership with Twitter, means that facebook pages, profiles and status updates have the opportunity to show up in the results.

Watch the demo from Google:

Google is still in the process of rolling this feature to all users, however it should be available to all within the next few days.

Google Goggle, currently in Google Labs, will allow you to take a picture with your camera phone and Google will return relevant search results based on the image you input.  You will be able to download the application only if you own an Andriod phone (sorry iPhone users).

Watch the video to see how Google Goggles works:

Because this product is in its infancy, they are still in the process of adding more objects it is able to recognize.  Currently Google Goggles can recognize certain books, contact information, art work, places, wine, logos and landmarks (which you can see an example of from the image below).


TechCrunch released an up-close video demo during the Google Search Event

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