I’ll be the first too admit it, I started using Twitter as a one-way communication tool, so that I could help promote my content.  However I quickly learned that by doing that, I would not be able to build the following and relationships that I wanted on Twitter.

So I developed an excise, that I think will help everyone develop a larger following and better relationships online.

Step 1:  Create Multiple Keyword Monitoring Columns

Monitor Keywords: Start monitoring keywords that are relevant to your industry.  This will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and also find new people in your industry that are outside your inner Twitter circle.

Look for People Asking Questions: Either using your twitter client or by using search.twitter.com you can monitor questions people are asking on Twitter.  Just put your “keyword ?”, make sure you put a space between the keyword on the question mark. 

Step 2:  Reach Out to 10 New People a Day

After you have setup your columns in your Twitter client, you can start reaching out to new people that you have never engaged with.  Spend 20 minutes a day and @ reply to people who tweet about things that interest you.  Also monitor the questions people are asking and try to provide answers.

If you are able to engage with 10 new people a day, that will equal over 3,500 new people that you engaged with a year, broadening your circle of current twitter friends.

Step 3:  5:1 @Reply Ratio

Instead of always tweeting out your own content and what YOU are doing, try @replying or mentioning other people.  Recently I have tried to make it an effort of keeping a ratio of mentioning or replying to someone 5:1.  So for every time you tweet something about yourself of that promotes your content, tweet 5 times that mention other people in the Tweetersphere.

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