Well, almost every business is jumping onto the social media bandwagon. But, the inside story may not be as interesting as it appears from outside. If you are a social media junkie, you must be aware that Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday last week. Since the number of tweets (one billion currently) being sent per week is rising dramatically, it’s obvious that it’s also giving rise to a lot of hubbub. But, are your consumers listening? This is the question that companies need to ask themselves as they continue using twitter for brand promotion.

The truth, however, is that social media has not blessed many with the rewards it can actually bring. Of course, Twitter is also one of the most powerful social media platforms to capitalize on real time business. But if you have a closer look around, you’ll come to know that not many companies have been able to reap the benefits of online marketing through Twitter.

That a brand has 25,000 or 50,000 followers on Twitter doesn’t mean that it is converting as well. There’s a lot of noise all around Twitter. It seems as if everyone is busy doing a ‘roaring trade’.

But the point is, how a brand can create a Twitter influence that gives them maximized conversion. Let us have a look at some of the key aspects to get a clear picture of the situation.

Measuring Twitter Followers May Not Help

Of course, it is quite easy to measure your influence (numerically) on Twitter using the range of Twitter analytics tools available out there including Twitalyzer, Klout, TweetStats and TweetEffect among others. The truth, however, is that measuring the number of your followers on Twitter may only tell a fraction of the story. Moreover, many of the aforementioned Twitter statistics tools are continuously making changes in their measurement algorithms.

Therefore, brands need to be a little more careful while continuing to increase their number of followers by hundreds and thousands. There’s a lot more to social media marketing than actually meets the eye.

Repetitive Tweeting is like ‘Cancer’

Spend some time tweeting and following a couple of brands. And you’ll soon see the noise that’s being created there. People can really get annoyed seeing the same link or tweet being tweeted 20 times in a few minutes. Tweeting in this way is never about engaging your audience.

Focus on Creating ‘Advocates’ of Your Brand

Twitter or attractive marketing may not be of help if you don’t have a great product to offer.  You might be able for sometime to use your updates as ‘excellent jump-off points’. But that doesn’t mean visitors will convert too. Deliver something of value to your audience, engage in real time communication and try to become a solution provider. If you really want to make the most of your Twitter marketing, focus on creating ‘advocates’ of your brand rather than just trying to swell the number of your Twitter followers without getting desirable results.

What has been your experience like while promoting your brand on Twitter? Are you connecting well with the audience? Are you converting really well? Please feel free to share your viewpoints and thoughts.