I’ve been in the SEO blogging industry long enough to know that though there is a difference between being a SEO Consultant/Analyst/Executive and a Blogger, they pretty much go hand in hand. I like to think I’m a combination of both, a hybrid if you like and it definitely does have it’s benefits. During the day I work as a Junior SEO Analyst and at night I blog. I like to believe there are a lot of benefits to being a hyrbid and here are some of the benefits I’ve observed:

1.  Gather your thoughts

When it comes to SEO there are no hard and fast rules. Sure there are the general rules and guidelines, but everyone has their opinion and ‘algorithm’ by which Big Gee ranks websites. A SEO Blogger has the opportunity to gather opinions (read other SEO blogs) and put down personal thoughts and thereby form an opinion which you can stand on. After all, you can’t always be a follower. Even if you’re a follower, you really don’t want to follow blindly; know and understand why you’re following that particular leader.

2.  Documentation and Progress Report

Personally, I use my SEO blog to develop myself and my SEO skills. There’s so much to learn and sometimes you can actually get carried away so I try to document my progress and what I’ve learnt. Funny enough, I recently read some of my first posts and smiled because I could see the amateur in me writing. I’m not saying I’m an SEO expert now, but I have definitely come a long way from where I started and those posts can attest to it.

3.  Experiment with Ideas

I see a lot of people using their blogs to experiment on various SEO ideas. Sadly, I haven’t done much of this except for the occasional keyword targeting and anchor tagging, hopefully this will change soon. Other than that, I use my general understanding of SEO to market blogs and client websites. The benefit of experimenting on your personal blog first is if it goes haywire, you only have yourself to answer to and not your client and/or boss.

4.  Further Clarification and Reference

Something I seem to be doing more of these days is rewriting someone’s work in my words (with references of course) and the way I understand it. I enjoy doing this for articles I find useful but currently do not need. I don’t always publish articles like this unless I’ve been able to actually derive something new from it. This way I believe it gives you a bit understanding of the idea or methodology. It also makes that idea sticks better because you have put it down in words. Sort of like doing an assignment yourself, you remember it better!

5.  Market Yourself

I think this is one of the most obvious reasons for blogging in any industry, not just SEO. When you run a blog for your industry of choice, it shows you are interested in that industry and not just looking to do a job. It shows you have a passion for it , a willingness to learn and put in extra hours, not just because you have to but because you want to. That zeal can actually get you a great job(s) or client(s).Blog

    These are some of the benefits I’ve found blogging in the SEO industry. Sometimes it’s not all about your traffic volume going up (although that is always nice!) and making money from your blog. It’s also about personal development and helping other people like yourself, which I hope to do with my SEO blog. And who knows, somewhere along the line, I just might get a big break from it! What about you? What are the benefits you’ve found with personal blogging in your industry? Is it worth it? Would you encourage other people to do it?