Times are truly tough as there are so many uncertainties about the economy and finances. Almost all consumers are tightening their grip on their own dollars. If you are operating an e-commerce store, you may have to be more resourceful when marketing your site and the products and services it sells. Promoting your business and possibly attracting potential customers need not be costly.

Take the unconventional road to promote your online business. You will have to be a little more creative, determined, and resourceful to succeed in this endeavor. Here are some unique ways to reach out to prospective customers and increase awareness about your business.

1. Target college students

You should be aware that college students can be ideal marketing targets because most of them are into bargain shopping. If you offer discounts on items sold through your e-commerce store, informing college students in your community, city, or state will be effective in hitting viral marketing. How can you make your online presence known to this demographic? First, advertise in college newspapers, which can be a cheaper activity than advertising on major papers. Second, produce and distribute bookmarks, postcards, or ënetcardsí that bear your e-commerce storeís name or Web address.

2. Form strategic partnerships with different groups

Find worthy organizations or groups that can serve as your strategic partner. You may agree to shoulder sponsorship for their upcoming events or their community programs. By getting into such alliances, they may indirectly advertise and promote your Web shop. Buzz from mounted events and causes will certainly catch attention of the media and people. It is ideal for your Website to be associated with such effective and popular organizations.

3. Print clothes bearing your E-commerce store’s name

It has become common to see people wearing caps or shirts that bear the logos of clothing businesses like Guess or Nike. Have you ever considered printing the name of your company in shirts or caps? That will be an unconventional way of advertising and promoting your e-commerce site. More interestingly, it will cost you just a little to print your logo into shirts or caps. You may even opt to include your Website URL when printing shirts or caps. Give away the printed items to family members, relatives, and friends and you can surely spread awareness about your e-commerce store.

4. Attend virtual events

There are numerous virtual events that are held online. Have time to take part in such activities. You will be representing your e-commerce store. You may participate in e-forums and virtual discussion threads. Share your insights and expertise but donít forget to mention about your e-commerce site. You may not have to directly state it. Having it included in your e-signature will be effective and strategic. And how about posting interesting videos at video sharing sites?